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Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Biography

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, whose real name was Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima MFR and who was born on March 30, was a Nigerian filmmaker and entertainment executive who has been called “the queen of Nollywood films.”    She started the Africa Movie Academy Awards, a film event that is known all over the world. The Guardian says that she was the first person to bring Nollywood movies to international film festivals.  She was in charge of P-first Square’s music video, which became a big hit. In 2012, the Nigerian government gave her a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic for her work in the entertainment business. She is a fellow at TED.

Early life

On March 30, Anyiam-Osigwe came into the world. She was born in Nkwerre, Imo State, to the well-known Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe family. Her family has eight boys, but she is the only girl. She has a degree from Oxford Brookes University in Law and Political Science.


Anyiam-Osigwe started the Africa Film Academy. Since 2005, this group has been in charge of the film ceremony. People say that the award ceremony is one of the most well-known film awards for Africans. At the AMAAs’ 10th event, she stepped down as CEO. In 2015, she started the AfricaOne project to honor Africans who work in the entertainment business.

In 2020, she became President of the National Association of Movie Producers (AMP). She was the seventh person to hold that job, taking over from Mr. Ralph Nwadike.

Anyiam Osigwe is the person who came up with the idea for the 100 films project, which aims to improve the quality of movies made in Nigeria.

As President, she has worked to improve the skills of the country’s film producers by putting on seminars and trainings.

Writing career

Anyiam-Osigwe is an author of written poetry. She has three books to her credit.[5] In an interview with Alana Herro, she described poetry as one of the avenues for expressing her perception and understanding of things around her.[5] Prior to entering the university, she published a magazine, Clicks, specifically written to accommodate the black population in England. Her works are centered on advocacy causes.[5]

TV/film director

Anyiam-first Osigwe’s show on TV was a talk show called “Piece off my mind,” which focused on how people felt about social issues that aren’t often talked about in the mainstream media. Her talk show was all about standing up for people who society usually ignores or pays little attention to. She said that in film and TV, she was interested in the African caste system, child trafficking, and women’s rights. Anyiam-Osigwe was in charge of managing the music duo P-Square when they were just starting out. In 2016, she said that she is Somkele Iyamah’s representative.


At the African Film Festival,TAFF, in 2019, she was given the African Film Pioneer Award.

Personal life

Michael, her brother, was killed in 2014. Before he died, he was the coordinator general of the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation, which helps people in Nigeria. He was also the director of the Africa Institute for Leadership Research and Development and the consul general of Malawi in Nigeria. Her mother, Dorothy Chinyere Anyiam-Osigwe, was given the Officer of the Order of the Niger award by Olusegun Obasanjo, who was president at the time, for all the good things she did for people in Nigeria. She and her husband are no longer together.

Cause Of Death

Anyiam-Osigwe died at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, on January 9, 2023. He had gone into a coma on January 7, 2023.

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