Photo: Curtain Close the Paralympics such as China and Ukraine Star

Ukraine athletes are the second second bonus in the medal, and China’s account has a total of 61 medals.

Closed Winter Paralympic Beijings after Russia’s starry performance and Belarus competitors and athletes from the main workers, after Russian athletes and the star of the Ukrainian jar project. On Sunday, at the bird’s nest stadium in the capital, China gave the Paralympic Games to Italys Milano Cortina, which was prepared in four years. Beijing is the first city to celebrate Summer and Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and we hope that this year we hope to leave legacy, providing better accessibility and rights for 85 million Chinese disabilities. If Russian and allied brokers, Belarus should weaken the competition to discuss the Olympic Games. The international Olympic Games (IPC ) urged the world’s sports federation to eliminate athletes in those countries. IPC initially declared that it would allow them as a neutral competition, but the organizers banned them after boycotting competitors and tensions in athletes. After a hard tour of Chinese capital, Ukrainian athletes have a second higher than China after the best performance in winter areas. An athlete learned that his soldier’s father was tracked by the Russian army by the Russian army, and the other was found in the eastern part of Ukraine in Ukraine, won the gold medal. The dominant team in Ski Beilong and off the road, claim 11 gold medals and 29 disciplines, more thanks to countries that are better in Turin in 2006. The squadron took its final gold in the public relay off road before Sunday, in France and Norway. Ukrainian team Viteran Vitalii Lukiannko, 43 years old, winning doubles gold and silver silver, holding the Ukrainian flag at the closing ceremony. China’s power is considered to be Ukraine, Canada, France and the main amount of the United States, all of which have 18 gold medals and 61. China debuted in the Paralympics in 2002, but only four years ago, the first medal was recorded, which is gold in Chaocong’s wheelchair in Korea. More than 560 athletes from 46 countries compete in the competition, there is a medal on the last day of the game.

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