Polish Senate declares Russia a terrorist regime

Polish Senate, the upper house of the parliament, has approved a bill declaring Russian Federation a terrorist regime. The bill calls on the international community to aid the International Criminal Court in collecting proof of Russian crimes in Ukraine.

All senators present have voted in favour of the bill including the reminder that “the Russian Federation has started the brutal war against Ukraine to wipe a sovereign state off the map and destroy the Ukrainian nation”.

“Heroic defence of Ukraine is admired by the entire free world. Ukraine is the most important place for the defence of democracy and freedom. Russian invaders terrorise residents by shelling civilian targets: kindergartens, schools, theatres and residential estates. Criminals in Russian uniforms torture and murder prisoners and civilians in occupied areas. They kidnap Ukrainian children to raise them as regime believers,” reads the bill approved by the Senate.

Senators also pointed out how many Europeans believe that genocide and war crimes are things of the past, while Putin and his regime have returned to these cruellest Soviet and Nazi practices.

“Russia has to be defeated and deprived of any possibility to become a threat to its neighbours. Republic of Poland’s Senate condemns the Russian aggression and calls all peace-loving, democratic states to declare the Russian Federation a terrorist regime,” the bill reads.

Senators also hailed all institutions and organisations engaged in investigating and documenting the crimes committed in Ukraine and thanked all Polish citizens as well as state and local governments, NGOs and companies that provided aid to Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn


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