Putin announces that the gas station is a hostile country.

The ruble after Putin announced that Russia will begin to sell gas to the ridiculous country.

Russian rubles have a short 95 years of age 95, Moscow, Moscow, on Wednesday. Before Moscow approaches 100 years, Vladimir Putin said that Russia will begin to sell gas to hostile ruble members.

The potential impact of this initiative, Putin ordered the Government of him to resolve the Russian currency in the week, and it still depends on the majority of energy supply in the European countries of Moscow.

At GMT 13:13, the exchange rate of the ruble against the US dollar was 3.4% in 100.02, since the strongest cut from March 2, 94,9875 since March 2, won 3.5%, with 110.50 and euro trading.

After the least 120 times in Moscow this month, the US dollar stabilized at the nearest session was stable in Moscow’s history, 120 times, or even in the inter-bank market in 150.

Russia has received unprecedented controversy activities in Ukraine, which proves a special action that begins on February 24. Prior to this, the ruble will change about 80 into dollars.

Putin’s major government ministers announced in Wednesday, the ministerial meeting. He said that through foreign countries to frozen Russian assets destroyed Moscow confidence, Russia will begin to sell to bad countries to ridiculous countries.

Since Ukraine invaded Russia, European countries have rely on Russia gasoline and other exports. Of course, Russia will continue to provide natural gas based on the volumes and prices specified by the previous contract, Putin is represented on the top of the TV.

He said that these changes will only affect the money paid, which will be changed to Russia’s ruble. Putin said the Government and the Central Bank have proposed a solution to the Russian currency to migrate these actions to the Russian currency and will be ordered when ordering the Gas Gas Gasprom to request the changes corresponding to the natural gas contract.

As of January 27, Gazpoms sells mainly natural gas in Europe and other countries, with a euro agreement, which represents around 58%. Putin said it should be manufactured for [all foreign buyers buyers ] to develop comprehension and transparent procedures to prepare payments, including Russian rubles for domestic currency markets.

Payment coupon

At the same time, Russia seems to have matured in 2029 in 2029, redeemed by the US dollar, Russia to avoid non-compliance with coupons in European claims. The Bond holder said that the payment has been received.

However, the European headlines of Russian EUROBONDS national companies faced the delay in payment through international agents, because the transaction reserved by sanctions, the Russian national settlements (NSD ), the company and analysts. The demand for RUBLO has decreased because the Central Bank sells 0.8 trillion rubles ( 7.7 billion US dollars) the auction on Wednesday, below a few previous days.

The demand for the auction overnight decreases quickly, Capital Brokerage Veles said that even if the bank’s level of liquidation has fallen to the lowest since June last year, the lenders are paying the repo debts prior to the Central Bank .

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