Putin said that Russia will reach Ukraine’s goals and reduce sanctions.

The Russian president said that the West aims to harm the Russian economy, but insist on explaining sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country will reach an agreement in Ukraine and will not present its west call and an attempt to achieve Russia’s global rule and non-compliance. Putin said that Russia is ready to discuss the neutral position of Ukraine. Three weeks entered into a war, which has killed thousands of people, forcing millions of Ukrainians to escape their homes.

In a speech with the Minister of Government, spread on Wednesday, Putin is aware of the economic cause of Western sanctions, but insists that Russia may endure hit. No signs of injection of injection to the western and Ukraine.

In the foreseeable future, the pro-Nazi regime of Kyiv may have dominated a large-scale devastating weapon, and its goal is, of course, Russia, Putin said. Putin has constantly described the democratically elected leaders of Ukraine as neonazis that are inclined in committing genocide against Russian speakers in eastern country, a line that the west denounces as unfounded warpath. He said that Western countries want to transform Russia into vulnerable countries, the violation of its entire territory; Think on your way to Miss Russia. If the west believes that Russia will destroy or retire, they do not know our history or our people, Putin said on the 21st of the war.

Behind the forged conversation and so-called collective Western actions are hostile geopolitical objectives. They just do not want a powerful and sovereign Russia. Putin said Russia’s inflation and unemployment will be updated and needed to change the economic structure. But he promised to support the family. He said that the West is valid in Russia in Russia in the Ukrainian conflict, but the conflict is only the excuse of the West to impose these sanctions. Western is not afraid to hide, his goal is to harm the entire Russian economy, and it is said that each Russia Putin.

Ukraine neutral

Russian leaders said his country is ready to discuss Ukrainian neutrality.

The principle of our country and its future neutrality of Ukraine, its non-militarization and we are ready, we are ready, we are ready to discuss as part of the negotiations. Ukraine said it is difficult to put an end to war, but will not surrender or accept the Final of Russia. Ukraine is now in a state of direct war with Russia. Therefore, the model can only be Ukrainian, only in terms of legal verification, the Kyivs negotiators, Mikhailo Podolya said on Wednesday.

Putin said that military operations will plan, and the Russian army did not point out civilians. The struggle has been sent more than 3 million people to escape from the country to estimate the United Nations. According to the United Nations, 726 civilians have been confirmed to die, but the real number is high.

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