Rasces tries to paralyze the South African economy: Ramafos Deposit

South Africa was sentenced to prison after last year. The riots left more than 350 deaths, and the economy approximately 330 million US dollars.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers the State of the Nation Address to a joint sitting of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces in Cape Town, South Africa, February 10, 2022. [File: Nic Bothma/Reuters]

Rose and Looting are shaking two main cities in July, which is completely deprived of the deliberate efforts of the economy of South Africa, and President Carrahla is in the case of an investigation.

But he said investigations to find the Chinese more fatal concentrated concentrated in rural areas. Ramaphosa told the South African Human Rights Commission, some people challenged, coordinated and encouraged certain people, coordinated and inciting extensive destruction. He said, forced economic paralysis, seriously weakening democracy.

Ramaposa did not detail what I thought was behind or what motivated. He said that the identity and motivation of these people of their actions are the issue of continuous research and legal procedures.

The riots have left more than 350 deaths, and the cost of economic cost is approximately 50 billion ( 330 million US dollars).

After the ancient Rafayagas, the ancestors were sentenced to jail, and the riots were protest because they were despising before refusing to corrupt researchers.

Zuma is Idolatra, as a champion of the poor people in the African French Conference.

More than 2,500 people were originally arrested, mainly for slight allegations. The Rafaya has repeatedly claimed that the people behind the riots will face justice, but according to the elite eagle police unit, only eight processing.

At that time, RAMAPOSA promised to review the leadership of the security service, which has been caught guarded. In February, the South African Police Director, General KHEHLA SITOLE was fired.

A new police station appointed on Thursday, Fialiva said he has begun to fill vacancies from other higher pospositions the ancestors released a health reason after the riots. One of its corruptions is scheduled to start on April 11.

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