Raw sickle attacked the passenger train in northern Nigeria.

This is the second train attack since October in October, because the Gangster continued to serve in some parts of the North.

The state government said that the suspects of the gang members have attacked the capital, Abuja hit the capital, Abuja hit the passenger train in Kaduna, Nigeria.

On Monday night, Anas Irao Danmusa was a passenger, who was released on Facebook, which was planted with explosives and tried to force his way into the boat and heard the weapons outside.

No group claimed to be responsible for the attack, several passengers were missing. There are no victims.

The army guarantees that the spokesman for the Government of Kaduna is arrested by the Abuja terrorists.

Strive to work hard from this location and other people’s injury to emergency medical hospitals.

This is the second trains attack since October, which hit the armed insurgents kidnapped in Nigeria and the armed insurgents abducted in the northeast and kidnappings and hundreds of rescues in the northwest, which makes the population scared.

After several gang members to kidnap, some people have begun to take the railroad, especially in the northwest of the country. In January, the government appointed the gang members as terrorists as part of the unsafe measures in the north.

When the attack occurs, the train stops around 25 km (16 miles), and the official of the Nigerian railway company is represented, and the family is relatively trapped in the boat.

NRC announced on Tuesday that I suspended the actions of the most popular routes across the country, more notice.

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