Ronaldo has put a record of historical records of leadership to 807 objectives

The historic champion of the hot competition in football has much controversial controversy, and FIFA has not preserved formal records.

The Manchester United team recorded his name on records of professional football soccer. The top score of the time in football is very controversial, and the FIFA did not maintain official records, but the Global Governor’s estimated, Ojet Czech Jeev Bican scored 805 in their careers in 1931 to 1955. Go up.

The 12th minute of Ronald, on Saturday is a first class strike, helping him equally. At the time of Jadon Sanchos, Portugal was in front of Jadon Sanchos, in front of the front of the front 2-1, in the power to go to the main page, winning 3-2 in Manchester United.

This is the trick of the hat 59 of Ronald Profession. Since 2008, it has been the first occupation of the Old Trafford One. The goal of Ronaldos has been annotated in Sports, Union, Royal Madrid, Juventus and the scores of the Portuguese national team. The Czech State has said that the total number of bikes is actually 821 objectives and reviewed their statistics. Brazil Power Pele and Romario in his career, each statistic is preparing for more than 1,000 goals, but these statistics include amateur, unofficial and friendly competitions.

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