Russia has Chinese sanctions because we warned Beijing

The Russian ministers said the sanctions have prevented the reserves of gold coins from Mosko $ 640bn of $ 10 billion.

People relies on the ATM of St. Petersburg, Russia and Euro, [Document: Dmitri Lovetsky / AP Photo ]

Russia said that this is the help of banks to China to defend the economic sanctions of Western countries in the War of Ukraine. The United States warns that Beijing does not provide the line of life. The financial minister of Russia, Annertonov, said the sanctions have been deprived of Moscow to capture $ 64 billion in gold and currency reserves, and added that Beijing has shutdown pressure. We have China coin, part of the gold and currency reserves in the Renminbi. We see what pressure on China’s stress is restricted to China. Of course, he said on Sunday that there is a pressure limit to these reserves. But I think it still allows us to maintain our cooperation and not only maintains, but also increases it in the environment where the Western market closes.

Since February 24, in a special military operation in Special Military Actions, the Western Russian and Financial System in Western countries has been infringed in special military operations. Siluanov commented on the clearest declaration of Moscow in the television interview, it will seek China’s help to relieve the effect. But the NSA Jake Sullivan of the United States said Washington warns China does not provide it. The Sulland told CNN that we will call Beijing directly, call Beijing, which will definitely lead to the impact of Russia’s filling. We will not allow the front development and we will allow these economic sanctions from any country to these economic sanctions from anywhere in the world, join Sullivan, who finds Chinese Top Diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday. China – Russian Relations China is one of the few minorities to prevent Russians from invading Ukraine. Chinese Xi Jinping celebrated Russian President Vladimir, Putin, released in Russia, released on February 24, the opening of Beijing’s winter Olympics. In the last month of PRES, the two leaders published a statement of 5,000 words to announce the restrictions between friendship between the two countries. Chinese officials also said that Washington should not complain that Iraq infringes Russian demand under the false excuse. The United States affirms that there is evidence that Saddam Hussein is a storage of weapons of large-scale destruction, although nobody has discovered. China is a Russian export market in the European Union. According to China’s customs agencies, China’s Russian export value is 7.93 billion, representing 56% of oil and gas.

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