Russia hit a base of the Ukrainian army near Poland because it expanded an attack.

Local officials said that the Russian army launched many air strikes in the training ground, trained, close to the western city of Lvivov.

Russia attacked the base of the Ukrainian army near Poland because it will expand the attacks. Local officials said the Russian army launched multiple air strikes in the training ground near the Western city of Waviv. However, the governor of the Lviv region said that at least nine people died, 57 people hurt others on the air strike at the facilities [Alejandro Martinez / Anadolu ] Published on March 13, 2022 March 13, 2022. Ukrainian officials said that the Russian army launched several air strikes in a large Ukraine near the border with Poland in the North, and Ukrainian officials said that, since Moscow began to invade on February 24, it seems to be the most important.. The international peacekeeping operations of Russia and security institutions led by Lviv Kozitsky Maxim Kozitsky at Lviv Kozitsky, in its validation of the Facebook page, joined eight missiles that were dismissed. According to interfax-form of the news agency Interfax-Ukaine, preliminary reports show that information is clarifying information about injuries and injuries and injuries. However, Governor of Lviv said that at least nine people died, 57 people were injured in air strikes. Al Jazee can not verify reports on attacks and victims. Russia did not comment immediately. The 360 square kilometers of the border of Poland (140 square miles) Yavoriv military facilities were less than 25 km (15 miles), one of Ukraine in Ukraine, is the largest in the western part of the country. Most NATO countries in Ukraine have the majority of the exercises. Oleksi Reznikov Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine, said foreign military trains work in facilities. Foreign coaches work here. He clarified the information about the victim in online publication. Since the invasion of Russia, many Ukrainians have escaped the relative security of Lviv from Lviv. Distance conducted from EU member Poland, the city is also a traffic center that leaves Ukraine. In addition, the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk in the west of Ukraine said that the city airport is the objective in the attack.

According to preliminary information, this explosion in the morning comes from the airport, said Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv on Facebook. Play the video Duration of the video 02 points 43 seconds 02:43 Russia – Ukraine: Hell in Mariupol, because the attack is exacerbated The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned the strength of Russia if they tried Kiev wake up on Sunday, would fight for death. If they determine the carpet pump and simply erase the history of this area and destroy them all, then they will enter Kiev. If it is your goal, let them enter, but they will have to live on this earth, said on Saturday. The presidents in the social networks of the capital have said many times, there are no longer in some small cities in the third week of Russia, which is the greatest attack in European countries since World War II. Russian bombings have been in turbulent and shipped cities by 2.5 million Ukrainian escapes from neighboring countries. Ukraine accuses Russian troops on Saturdays at attacking women and children to kill seven civilians in the attack of women and children near Kiev. France said Russian President Vladimir Putin shows that he is not willing to do peace. Representation of Ukrainian intelligence services, including seven children, because they fled from the village of Peremoha, while the occupant forced the residual torsion of the spine. Moscow denied that the invasion of Ukraine violated civilians from February 24. Blacking Ukraine attempts to fail to evacuate civilians surrounded by the city, an accusation of Ukraine and its western allies strongly rejected.

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