Russia is accused of seeking Ukrainian artificially not compliance

Russia is preparing to repay your debt in rubles because most foreign exchange reserves freeze Ukraine attacks.

Siluanov held a cabinet meeting in Moscow [Document: Dmitry Astakhov / Sputnik / pool pool Government via AP ]

The Russian financial ministry accused foreign countries to force Russia to express their debt obligations through an unprecedented criminal war against the Russian War. The foreign monetary account of the Russian Bank frozen and the Russian government can be seen as a desire for organic breach, and financial ministers, the fiscal minister, said on a statement on Monday. The Qualification Agent last week Fitch further reduced the Russian sovereign debt rating to the territory of garbage, warned the decision to reflect the predetermined perspective. The government pays 117 million US dollars in the bonds of its two dollars on Wednesday.

Explain that it claims that Russia cannot fulfill its sovereign debt debt is not fake. We have funds that need to meet our obligations. The Ministry of Finance said that it has approved the interim procedures for banks to pay by foreign currency, but it indicates that the possibility of occurrence depends on sanctions. Several Russian Banks have been banned from being prohibited from internationally payment networks, hindering their efforts to carry money outside Russia. Payment in ruble If it is impossible to pay, Siluanovsaid, Russia is prepared according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia under the exchange rate of the payment of the payment of the payment, including the euro exchange season since 2018.

In the Ukrainian war, Western sanctions in Moscow provide an unprecedented blow to banks and financial systems from Russia, and one of the large parts of the freezing of foreign currency reserves. Russia has improved the efforts to prevent money from getting out of their borders and supporting the rubles, these rubles have passed the difficulties of the US dollar.

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