Saudi Arabia runs 81 people within a day

The number of reports in the 2021 kingdom is 2021 and 2020 27 [File: Cliff Owen / AP Photo]

In modern history of Wang Guo, a series of charges were applied in the largest known implementation on a large scale.

Saudi Arabia implemented 81 men in the last 24 hours, including seven Yemen and a Syrian country, including the loyal foreign terrorist organizations and beliefs with exotic terrorism, said that the National News Agency Saudi Media Agent said that in the largest kingdom of Modern history in modern history. history. More and more numbers report 67 executions in Kinkinin 2021 and reported 27 years in the 1920s. Spa said on Saturday that these people were condemned to several crimes, including murderous men, women and children, who involve the declarations of the Ministry of the Interior. The crimes committed by these people also include loyalty to the terrorist organization, such as Isis [Isil ], Al-Qaeda and Houthis, who added. According to the spa, some travel to the area of conflict to the terrorist organization. He said that the defendant has the right to provide the right to lawyer and guarantee all rights under the judicial law, in the judicial process, he said. The report has joined the Kingdom to continue strictly and unwavering terrorism and extremist ideology, threatening stability around the world. The report said that these people were sentenced to sin in one case, and the national was sentenced to a crime in a case to assassinate the security officer and a case for the police station and the team. The last large-scale implementation of Saudi Arabia was in January 2016, when the Kingdom implemented 47 people, including the appointed opposition of the famous opposition in the Kingdom.

In 2019, the kingdom of the Saudi citizen of the country, a minority of the ethnic minority, held a crime related to terrorism in the country. The Human Rights History of Saudi Arabias has been increasing the review of the Group of Rights and the Western Allies from Saudi Jamamal Khashoggin 2018. It has a strong criticism of the restrictive laws expressing political and religious expression, as well as the implementation of the arrested accused during minors, including the defendant. Saudi Arabia denies the accusation of human rights abuse and says that it protects your national security in accordance with your law. Spa said the defendant has the right to provide the lawyer and guarantee his rights according to different Saudi rights during the judicial proceedings.

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