Serbians vote in election overshadowed through Russia’s conflict in Ukraine

Serbs voted in the presidential election and parliament whereby the President held Pit Aleksandar Vucic and his progressive party (SNS) against opposition to protest against corruption and improve protection Of the environment.

Vucic operates in the second five-year term in a peaceful and stable promise, like Russia has invaded Ukraine, where the Serbia under the Western pressure to choose between traditional links with Moscow and pray hopes to join the European Union.

The Cra Surveying Group announced that the 19H (17: GMT) participation rate was on Sunday, an hour before closing the voting stations, 54.6% Serbia estimated 6.5 million voters, compared to 44 , 9% by 22.

The preliminary results have been scheduled at around 21:3 (19h3 GMT). Escape polls are not allowed by law. Cesid and CRTA Scruteers have reported some unusual, including ballots.

N1 TV channel reported that a leader of the opposition, Pavle Grobovic, was attacked and slightly injured not far from his vote station in Belgrade and showed the images of the incident recorded by electricity.

Mobile phones.

Grobovic confirms the incident on Twitter.

Vuvic should win The survey shows that Vucic, a conservative person, preparing to win the first round in the first round, before Zdravko Ponos, a retired general represents the Alliance of Procedures and the Alliance win.

This opposition most of Boycung a parliamentary election by 22, allowing SNS of Vucic and its allies to ensure 188 seats in the 25% Parliament.

Vucic skillfully used the return of war in Europe with Coronavirus pandemic on its advantage, voters promise still stabilize in the middle of a uncertain wind.

We are waiting for a big victory.

This is what we have worked in the past four or five years, and we believe we will continue with the great efforts and development of this country, he said the president after debuting The ballot on Sunday.

Ponos said he hopes that the competition will provide a way to “seriously changing” in the country.

I hope a promising future. Election is the right way to change the situation.

I hope Serbian citizens will soon meet luck today, Ponos said.

The Voters of Kosovo – Albanian Province of Serbia’s Albania, who declared independence in 28 – was done at the appropriate Serbia voting stations.

Shadow The invasion of Ukraine from Russia February 24 had a significant impact on the campaign in Serbia, which always restored battles and isolation from Balkan in 199. Serbia depends almost entirely to Russia’s gas, while the army remains linked to the Russian army.

Kremlin also supports Belgrade’s opposition for Kosovo’s independence.

Serbia has supported the two United Nations resolutions condemning Ukraine’s invasion from Russia, it refuses to apply sanctions to Moscow.

A veteran politician was once the Minister of Information in 1998 at the former Slobodan Slobodan Milosevic Man, Vucic moved from an ethnic firefighter to a promoter to join the EU, but also military neutral and associated with Russia and China.

Former General Serbia Zarko Korac said to Al Jazeera that Vuvic was in a “very difficult situation” of wise foreign policy.

“I don’t think in Europe that you can really have a very good relationship with Russia and simultaneously promotes the integration of EU”, he said from Podgorica, Montenegro.

Ponos defendant used war in Ukraine in the campaign to take advantage of the fear of population.

Opposition rights and power watchers also accuse Vucic and his allies of authoritarian style of government, corruption, tyranny, media control, attacks on political opponents and affiliations with organized crime.

Vucic and his allies have repeatedly denied all these allegations.

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