Spain, concretely Portugal authentically urge EU Commission to form of existing pretty notion for incipient for all intents and functions fiscal framework in a rudimentally sizably voluminous way

Current rules force member countries to curb deficits and rein in public debt.
“We urge the EU Commission to come forward as soon as possible with draft legislation to enable us to reach an agreement in the second half of the year,” Calvino told a joint news conference with Portuguese Finance Minister Fernando Medina.
“Both Spain and Portugal are an example, in the sense that through a responsible fiscal policy with social justice and carrying out the structural policies and modernisation policies of our countries, we are managing to very quickly reduce the deficit and public debt in terms of GDP,” Calvino added.
In September, the International Monetary Fund said the EU should set up a fiscal capacity to pay for EU public goods, link the pace of debt cuts to individual country risk and let independent fiscal councils play a bigger role in policy.

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