Sri Lanka police applied 36 hours to kill interference

Long term and emergency status after protests when food, fuel and energy change strongly.

The curfew and state of emergency in the country of 22 million came as social media posts called for protests on Sunday [Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP]

Sri Lanka police announced 36 hours when the anti-national protest plan against the country of deteriorating South Asian island.

The curfew will take effect at sunset on Saturday, and will rise in Monday morning, the police will rise after breaking through the economic crisis held after the economic crisis in Got Arabaya Rajapaksa, will rise on Monday.

Foundation and emergency, so military power is alone, including the arrest of civilians, arrived on Sunday to protest against the protests at 22 million countries.

Do not be intimidated by tears, soon I will stay with the dollar to re-stock, even if the police try to break the party, exciting people will also be shown.

The countries of almost bankruptcies entered the WTO on Saturday, a woman identified as a diving, often by Rajapaksa in Surahapra in the north of North Town.

Hirunika Premphanda led to dozens of women to assault Stere Gnana Akkas Sanctuary and residence, but the armed police stopped them.

Why does police protect Shaman? She asked a senior official, viewed it in March in the real-time Facebook video, and the AFP was verified as true.

Thief, thief, gobba thief, people who sang after armed

Think about the country and pass, another activist is considered to be. #gohomerejapaksas and #gotagohome have trends on the country’s Twitter and Facebook, which is a serious scarce dispute with basic elements, and the affiliate price rises and the power of the power in 1948, the most painful slowdown in the large independent Brittany.

Government management is not good Tourism and remittances of Coronavirus vectors are critical to economics, and authorities have extensive import prohibitions to save foreign currency.

Many economists also said that the crisis has intensified through government administration, and tax accumulation has not been honest for many years.

A demonstrator throws a stone near Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence on Thursday [Dinuka Liyanawatte/Reuters]

The American Ambassador Julie Chung warned: Sri Lanka has the right to protest peacefully against democracy.

I am carefully observing this situation, I hope that future days bring restrictions, and the incredible economic stability and relief for those who suffer pain.

The former British colonial special envoy expressed similar problems, and the delegation of the European Union expressed its strong urgency to protect the democratic rights of all citizens, including free parliaments and objections, which must be peaceful.

Since Colombo’s report, at Jazeras Minene Fernandez said the government said emergency measures will lead to uninterrupted goods and services.

But he said that relative factors is that emergency regulations will provide sweeping rights to the authorities.

Opposition Parties are worried that the authorities use sweeping rights to destroy protests and strains harassment.

They expressed the need to cancel the emergency regulations.

The country’s country has protest against unprecedented government in recent weeks.

Several protests have been organized by opposition Parties, but with Sri Lankas, there is no political subsidiary body, causing streets.

This refers to the President’s things, Al Jazera’s reporters say Mad, go home Travel trade experts said that emergency states may be a new blow to tourism rejuvenation, because when a country announces security emergencies, the insurance premium rate is generally increased.

It has been reported that the government’s politician family northern constant attack, this is an increase in security officials to the AFP, added that the financial party legislators have been hit by a public activity in the Basler Central District in Friday.

Hill Resort near Nuwara Eliya shouted with the slogan of Rajapaksa, while blocking Shiranthi Wife, Shiranthi Wife’s Mahinda Rajapaksas, opening ceremony.

On the evening of Thursday, the private family saw hundreds of people and asked them to get.

The protesters breathe crazy, crazy, go home, shoot in the police to rule out the tears and use the water gun.

The crowd turned violent, and the appearance of two military buses, the Jeep police and other vehicles were thrown, and the bricks were thrown.

The court official said the police were bail after the 53 protesters were arrested before age 21. Others are still arrested, but they have not been charged.

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