Sri Lanka travel: advance, two steps before

A spiral economic crisis is suffering, which is a key source of the US dollar dollar that has not recovered three years later.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, does not seem to take a break.

Three years ago, after exploiting Sunday, April 2019, the number of tourists fell by 18%. The velvet of Coronavirus is particularly bad in 2020.

The arrival has been reduced considerably until November 2021, there are no signs of recovery. At that time, the government eliminated all the quarantine requirements of all vaccination tourists, and encouraged people on vacation to come to the state of the island.

This is a welcome change, because tourism is the third source of currency exchange behind the consignment of employees and the garment industry is a large-scale employer, and the important source of government assistance to direct the country.

But now, with the hug of Sri Lanka, there is no financial crisis that the country has a daily electricity cut, people are forced to stand up in a few kilometers of fuel to quit smoking and cooking gases.

Inflation is 17.5 percent, the Government has the right to limit the import of imports and exacerbate scarcity. All this is once again, lets tourists let visitors compete in the government, find a way to pay over overwhelming loans and require these tourism funds. President Gotabaya Rajapaksasain Sri Lanka Independence Day In February, we need to find these people as soon as possible.

Therefore, although we strictly respect health recommendations, we have taken the phase to restart the tourism industry. Conditioned economic conditions Kate Hopkinson is a popular coastal city in the south of Southern Weligama, Kate Hopen, said that business has been in recent months, Katehonn said.

However, universal economic conditions allow you to maintain extremely difficult business operations. Due to the shortage of gas, we have to buy in the black market, food prices have skyrocketed, [and ] flour and import are obtained more and more.

We ran an Italian restaurant, we needed cheese, but due to import restrictions, due to import restrictions, due to milk shortage, local alternatives are in exchange for more expensive prices, Hopkinson said.

Hopkinson is not the only pain. Rasika Lakmal and Lifestyle and Travel Ambassador Paloma Monnappa Restaurant in Popular City Tourism Corporation in Paler and Awaton.

We face 4 to 7 hours of electric cutting every day. Monapka said that due to fuel shortage, fishermen were forced to reduce fuel lack, and their ports were trapped in the port because there were no money to pay for them.

Every time you think of possible solutions, you will face new questions or obstacles. You buy a generator, but there is no diesel to perform it. We are despair of tourists, but how do we serve themselves? I said, my friend from Sri Lanka told me that even during the war, the economy was not bad, he said.

Lakmal said, although some restaurants purchased gasoline from other cities, such as Colombo and Matara, etc., but this is not his choice. If we do this, then its cost is approximately 10,000 Rubesi Lanka ( 35 35 ), and it is quite average price. He said, we can’t afford it, he said.

Russian war Ukraine overflow

The best market for Sri Lanka regular tourism is India, China, the United Kingdom and Germany, but because of the self-immolation of tourism, many tourists have been providing Eastern Group, with Russia and Ukraine, from January to February, 25% of them will accounted for Arrival, part of the activity marketing, by the tourism authorities for these areas. However, in the Western sanctions in Russia, such as the banned international payment system, also overflow Sri Lanka.

Ukrainian consultations and Russian citizens stopped, Dimitrafeldo, and he manages a series of villa rental tourists, telling Al Jazera. We have Russia’s Russia in the country, but they have canceled all their reservations because they have no money to pay. They can’t use their cards, and they can’t withdraw money. But the main problem is still the economic situation of Sri Lanka.

For example, the British government recommends its travel to Sri Lanka and warn scarce and cut travelers. Fernando said that after travel notice, the Guande Middle East market consultation will slow down. We manage eight villas, but we have no single reservation since then. Nuwan Amarasuriya got most business travel agencies from British travelers, told Al Jazera, and the agency customers pay attention to the shortage of fuel and other necessities, so we often contact them frequently.

The Administration ensures that tour vehicles take precedence over fuel queues, but this has led to anger between locals of the team.

This week, in a city of Colombo in Colombo, a city of Colombo is a policeman attempt to allow tourism coaches to excavate the fuel before others. Labor shortage In addition to direct problems, the industry should also solve its labor shortage.

Although the tourism industry is getting bigger and bigger, he works for a long time before Covid-19. In 2018, Malik Fernando, the head of the industry agency of the Tourism Skills Committee, computed a tourist stakeholder, which needs 1 million employees in the tourism world in the next three years.

However, he said that we only train about 10,000 a year. Lakmal has been trying to find staff for your restaurant, most of which are close to other occupations and industries in the past few years. He said they no longer be interested in work in tourism.

With the current economic crisis, skill scarches may become more intense, as many tourists are watching abroad, or is not interested in returning to uncertain industries.

Ahamed Nizar, a tourist consultant, said that the Tourism in Sri Lanka is the salary structure. There is a low basic payment, full of service costs and suggestions, but depending on the degree of attributes being executed.

Obviously, there is no visitors. In recent years, workers have won the next door, and it is difficult to survive. Nizar said he has seen many qualified tourist workers migrate, and unqualified workers have found alternatives for stabilizing payment. He said that one of his customers no longer provides dinner service for lack of talents, and the other is doing this to do with bone person.

A road full of potholes Although Covid-19 seems to be in the REARVIEW mirror about SRI Lanka, a large number of travel shadows have been thrown. The government tries to protect which small foreign exchange reserve has a serious impact on the availability of food imports to the availability of essentials.

Due to the shortage of gas, some restaurants must be closed for a few days; some people must eliminate or reduce their menu discounts due to import ban and local food costs.

The power course is difficult to explain to tourists. They have difficulty in sympathy, but no one wants to go to vacation, sitting in the darkness and calories, sigh to Nazi.

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