Star fruit of WNBA in Russia Detention

The State Council said that US diplomats can visit Brandngelte, which has been arrested in Russia since last month.

The US diplomats in Moscow have been able to visit the US Basketball Star of Brittne Griner, Russian Russian regulation has discovered its good condition. Golden, an Olympic of the Gold Medal and the Commercial Center of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA ), transmitted at the airport of the Russian capital in mid-February, which has a wet ink.

His arrest is a strong tension between Russia and the United States in Ukraine, and the administration of US President Joe Biden has been urgently entering the mixer. Our consular channel Embassy has been awarded Brittney Griner. On Wednesday, we were able to verify the condition of the first spokesperson of the national spokesperson.

He added that our officials found that Brittney Griner would stay a good state, we will continue to do everything possible.

31 years old, before the US season recovered, in Russia playing basketball in Russia, this is a common practice of players, they can earn higher salary than national teams in the foreign league.

He played in Russia in the past seven years, and earned more than $ 10 million than his WNBA salary every season. The Russian media reported its detention until May 19th to May 19.

.He is facing 10 years of prison. The Ekaterina Kalugina Public Monitoring Committee, the team supported by the Russian state, told TASS news agency Grerro to share a cell with other women accused by two arguments for drug crimes.

Kalugina said, smiling, talking and helping her to communicate with the staff at the preventive detention center and get a book. The only target problem has become the height of the basketball player, TASS removes Kalugina, as six feet 9 inches (206 cm ) of smile fruit. The bed in the cell is significantly applied to a smaller height.

At the same time, Washington is so far away, which can be used as a dispute in Moscow in the Ukrainian war, which is frustrated in the frustrated situation.

No matter how the results of your case are in progress, there is a reason why you are worried about the pawns in the largest supports between two super powers, Washington Post, Washington Post, washing the Russian judicial system on Tuesday, warning the system Russian judicial. It is a hostility forum and suspects that smiled laughter seeks justice.

The board also wrote that Ms. Youth is a homosexual fact that it is the first public gay athlete in Nike because even more in-depth concerns, in view of the hostility and open crack of LGBTQ’s hostility and open.

Although the observer has noticed the sensitivity of the grinder and his wife, CHERELLE GRINERS said this family said. Family work so that your family will return home.

We can’t ignore this fact. If Britney Grr is not a black woman, then the US Congress Cori Bush wrote on the twitter, she will explain the message she is considered political prey. Free Brandieg.

Winba said on Wednesday that he continues to be compromised with security with government officials and others. The Alliance said in a statement that this remains a very difficult situation, which is very difficult for Branti, her family and all people who wish to solve it.

This is very difficult. The priest team, Phoenix Mercury, also said in a separate statement at the beginning of March, which is closely monitoring this situation.

We are still with her family, the representative of her, WNBA and NBA remain unchanged. We love and support Brittney, at this time, our main concern of her is her safety, physical and mental health of her, and her back from her home.

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