Tanzania: Traders who have displaced with new market rules

The latest Chiying policy that eliminates the street small trader is accelerating their pin.

Tanzanian businessman deeply fried freshly captured octopus to prevent them from worse in the market near Dar es Salaam commercial capital costs [Archives: Thomas Muchlo / Reuters ] ” Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania These day, Furreima, Daslaam’s Mwenge’s Mwenge’s Mwenge’s MWEENGE market businessman, sometimes close the store at 6 pm without the sale of a single customer.

At the age of 30, a wooden table is full of second-hand shoes. Sandals and color trainers hang, some people are full of tables.

But these items are still invisible, just like those who are surrounded by it seems to be the drama when they remain silent in the street. With the power of the market, when the sun began to settle down, they began to pack in advance.

Massima said that when you spend a day, you feel very bad, and you don’t have a customer. I feel like I wasted your time, when you didn’t make money from the morning.

In September last year, the municipal authorities conducted a business efficiency throughout the country, and many positions were dismantled in advance.

Now, due to the small merchants of Tanzania, they are well known, the difference of sales is a new reality of many machinga. There is no official statistical data in the busy commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, how much Board lives and works.

However, several reports estimate that two thirds of this city live in planned settlements, most of them occupy small businesses on the street, and those who can afford, as Mwenge has a market stand.

Your income tend to be very thin, $ 30 per day. Even so, small transactions are many people who can buy food and water and pay for rental and school costs in countries where the following semi-populated countries.

Experts say that the recent expelled is the last series of attempts, the authorities of Tanzania look at the streets of the urban poor, because Tanzania authorities analyze a gentleman to reach RAM level, increase tax revenues.

The economist and the analyst of Dar is Salaam, Walter Nguma, said the government lost many income to allow Machinga to do anywhere anywhere. They do not have taxes, so the government did not make money from them.

However, the official owner contributed to work hard because Machinga took the customers of him. He added that means that Machinga can only sell his products in the area approved by the government and add it.

This makes people responsible for paying taxes. Free business Machinga accused an interference road and contributed to the city, and the contribution of the notamous and odds also refused to cooperate with the expeltion.

The reason is that they are relocating new areas, so they can’t earn enough money. Then, with time, they returned to the road. John Magufuli, the last president of Tanzania, Tanzania, Tanzania, and ordered the local government to continue his business after pleading.

However, its successor Samley Suru Hassan President Hassan has taken different postures in March 2021. We have given the freedom of [la Machinga ] so that they can get their daily bread, but we observe the laverse reporters in all local places and the owners of the neighborhood store.

By September, Hassan has instructed the regional committee of the relocation of the machining and added that the government intends to move operators to a better environment, rather than completely crushing their livelihoods.

However, this is not the case, this is not the case, this is not the case, the impact is destructive. When we listen to the expeltion, we are ready to meet, Hamas Hussein Muhammad, 41-year-old informal MWENGE traders sell second-hand clothes.

But when we see our new place, challenge up. There is no customer here, when we arrive, there is no power. The street is very dirty, because there is no treatment of waste, there is only one toilet. The business has sunk, Muhammad no longer sells the largest market in Mwenges, but on the back street in the suburbs of the region, very few people pass.

Once a day, the first order ( 40 40 ), but there is almost no command 10,000 ( $ 4%) these days, there is almost no life. He accused the local authorities to benefit from the new agreement, saying that Mune was surprised to know that the new cabins of him were exhausted between 200,000 to 500,000 order of mutual order ( $ 80-200 ).

Some fires have recently exploded at the Daramter Saram market. On January 2022, January 20, 5 kilometers from the city, had an incident of this type, leaving more than 3,000 merchants without a market. All this makes many people in them become increasingly desperate, and some people have returned to the old pedal.

Massima said some people have returned to the old market, although they are not allowed, or do business at night. But the police are cruel.

If he sees that he should do business where he should not do business, they can get rid of what he sells, sometimes even stepped on his products. But you can not sit here without work; Our children need to eat and go to school.

Long-term solution Part part, the Government announced plans to establish and invest new sectors of the market to meet with Jennis and Claus merchants, near the center of the city.

They also announced planning to transform the Machinga complex, which has surpassed more than one commission. Since the lack of customers, this is a cost of $ 50,000 cost 50,000 dollars, still inactive.

Zitto Kabwe is an opposition to the former Wazalendo Legislature, who tells Jazeera, that he is probably white as a white elephant and requires a more complete long-term solution. Kabwe said, like now, he will not solve the problem.

The main problem is an economy that does not have thousands of people who enter labor every year.

In fact, unemployment is the inspiration of Mata Mama, and he changed the course in teaching and the degree of community development of the University of Capital Domino.

After graduation, he could not find a job. He moved to Dararmar Saram and began his small business sales shoes.

He initially challenged, but in the end he got more clients after a few months. Now, the recent ejector has left him again, and many others worry about the future.

In the days that I sell, I thank God, saying Mata Mima. I am suffering in the days that I do not have this.

As another person, I have a goal that I have not arrived. It is difficult, but I tried to think that the next day can be better, and my life will improve.

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