The blink: The best way to attract Iran’s nuclear power plant is the core convention.

Secretary of State said that US and Israel are committed to preventing Iran to accept nuclear weapons while supporting treatment.

The United States Antenna Secretary of Washington Flashing Anthony Blinks is because Iran cooperated with Israel to prevent the development of nuclear weapons and acknowledged nuclear weapons.

Flashing was a review that I did in Jerusalem with his Israeli LAPID, who speaks Washington Israel, which is a reporter Israel, which is not agreed to Washington, Israel.

President Joe Biden said he returned to the entire implementation of this proposal.

The United States retired from this Agreement in Donald Trumps Transfer Trump.

The Biden government has been trying to manage nuclear power plants known as Joint Practical Program (JCPOA), which was punished in the main program of Iran’s main programs in Iran’s main program.

The Israeli government said that the main response of major agreements that oppose the agreement and threaten Iranians is not enough.

But blinking is the most important factor, [Israel and America] look eye eyes.

We have both related, and we decide whether both Dyran will never receive nuclear weapons.

LAPIDE said the Israeli approaches the main issues of Israel among the differences in Washington, so Israel has continued in an open and honest discourse.

Iran claims nuclear programs for nuclear kinematics. Israel with israel, I shot it. Israel and any is the closest agreement that believes in Iran and encourage and enhances it.

They were convicted by the responsibility of Tehran, who was charged in charges of Iran.

The Prime Minister Israel has marked a very deep concern about the ideas of revolutionary guards in the US terrorist list. Harry Fukak reported from Western Jerusalem said that it is not a blinking that it is really blinking.

It is still very deep and verified in the household that Israel continues to be the right to prohibit Iran from the future in the future.

Monthly conversation This weekend This Agreement will be renewed a few days after a few days of the foreign trade policy of European Labor Unions in the weekend on weekends.

Iran respected in Vienna, engaged in consultation with British, China, France, Germany and Russia and respected.

The United States participates indirectly. The US expertise from Robert Malali, Sunday, said US expertise from Robert Malil has not been convinced that the nuclear power between global forces and Tehran was imminent.

I thought we were very close a few months ago. Molly said he came from the International Conference on the Doha Association. When a problem opens in any negotiation, it tells you how difficult it is to destroy the gap.

Vienna talks were assessed, a higher assessment of Boyan Khamenei, the Iranian court, Yan Sung Swan, Ali Khamenei.

Soon the deal can Yes, this message depends on US political will and Khorasani said in the forum. This is the determination of this part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a rough place between Tehinan and Washington.

The Doha court said Khorasani said he could not point out the elite IRGC as a terrorist group, while Malley said that many sanctions will remain in the Revolutionary Guards.

At the same time, the EUS coordinator will find Iranian staff in Tehran from Northern Mora’s talks in Tehran and holds Washington on Monday.

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