The burial of the land of Peru at home, 15-20 people lack

Local authorities say that the mountains covered by vegetation are not suitable for building houses, easy to landslides.

The government said that the eight people were rescued after the main collapse in Peru, and were working hard when they were looking for more survivors. Local authorities said on Wednesday that 60 to 80 houses were buried in the area of ​​freedom at Northern Peru. Defense Minister Di Di Dia arrived in the region once a day, said the landslides on Tuesday, eight people were evacuated from debris.

Gavidia said in a departmental description, about 15 to 20 people missing. In Pataz Province, Parcoy’s victim did not report on Tuesday. The mayor of the city, Luis Vlezmoro, told State TV, and the neighbors tried to save the dilemma by breaking down the walls of several homes. Developed in the strong political and environmental challenges of the Andes. On Monday, the Favourtouf voted began to promote the premise of the current tree Cashed corruption.

In January, a huge leak oil, country, Pacific coast, is smashed in the lives and livelihoods of thousands of fishermen. The National Civil Defense Institute said that the landslide is the result of heavy rain. According to local authorities in the region, cast workers are generally in the mountains that are not suitable for construction houses.

President Castillotweeted, his government will help the affected family. He said that we will support affected families and coordinate various actions with local authorities. In another article, he said he will go to the region to verify the damage on Wednesday. Tuesday. The image was extended by social networks showing the housing covered by terror rocks.

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