The Chechen leader Cardiff applied it to Ukraine

In the video published by the national online media, it is alleged that Kadyro discusses Kiiv’s operations with Chechen troops.

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Russian President Putin, Russian Putin, Russia, Russian, Russian, and allies, Raman Cairo, will definitely go to Ukraine to fight for the Chechen army with the Russian troops. Chechen Television Channel Grozny has released a video on Sunday. Sunday began, in discussing the video of Kadyrov’s video of the military uniform with the Chechen troops, this is a military action, saying 7 km (4.3 miles) )) Kyiv, Ukraine.

According to the AFP news agency, Kadyrov, he also launched the video, which in a message, is in the vicinity of Kiev captured by Russia on the first day of Russia. Al Jazeera can not independently verify the Kadyrovs claim. One day, we are about 20 kilometers from their Kiev Nazis, now we are closer, Kadyro wrote. He called the Ukrainian army to surrendered or you will be completed.

Kadyrov Sarcastic is doubts Later, Kadyrov smiled another publication and gave him if he had gone to the Kyiv area. why? Kadyro wrote on his official Telegraph account, did he have not seen a video? Kadyrov often describes himself as Putins Skille, a Partpposted Armedopentroops of Heavy Armedchentroops in Kiev as part of the reckless violation. He has repeatedly abused the accusations of the alliance in the group of rights, the United States and Europe, and denied it. After Moscow broke into the Soviet Union in 1991, Muslims in southern Russia conducted two war with Chechnya separatists. But he has thrown a large amount of autonomous and has given him a lot of autonomy of Kadyrov. The Kremlin is described in the actions of Ukraine to reject maliciously and reject Ukraine. Ukraine and the western allies said that this is a noble excuse to choose from.

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