The domestic old man waited for excuses in Pop.

The survivors of the Canadian residential school are the mission of the Catholic Church and apologize in their roles.

WARNING: The following story contains detailed information that may be annoying residential schools.

The Schourvivors and home crisis series of Canada is available 24 hours a day. Alberta, Canada Thumbs Through the photos and memory collected in his life, Dr. Wilton Lockten stops tracking lines with fingers track pencil drawing.

This is the sketch of the Pope Pius Xii. He participated in the residential school nearly 60 years ago.

The 77-year-old miracle laughed why he would choose to attract the Pope at the 12th grade. This is part of the travel, it reflects. Now your unity.

Littlechild in the Nation of Ermanin Cree in Maskwacis, the center of Alberta at home.

Church and State Bostads Schools strengthened in 1996, which strengthened the most important European culture since the end of 1800-1996 in 1996.

Approximately 150,000 domestic children were placed in parents and communities, and harassed, physical, notes, priests, emotionally exploited notes and school companies that were prohibited and Mother tongue and cultural methods were prohibited.

There were 139 schools throughout Canada, and the Catholic Church monitored 60%.

At the moment, Littlechild is not asking apology from Pope’s role.

Chief Wilton Littlechild in his office in Maskwacis, Alberta [Amber Bracken/Al Jazeera]

He loves her in Pope Francis. When you announce the first number when you close your eyes, you thought it was a home anniversary for your concerns, climate change to the environment.

“[I thought] ‘wow’. He was concerned about the animals that need to be protected, you know. I thought to myself now this guy may be the guy that’ll apologise.”

‘Number 65’

For almost two decades, Littlechild, a lawyer and former member of Parliament, has advocated for the head of the Catholic Church to apologise. It is a subject that is very close to his heart.

Littlechilds parents are survivors from residential schools. I hurt my trauma means they can’t raise their children. So Littlechild and his grandparents live together.

From them, when he was only six years old, he was taken away at his parents attending the accommodation in front of him.

At the Ermininesca residential school, he was a uniform and he took its name instead of 65.

Chief Wilton Littlechild visits a plaque marking the Ermineskin Residential School in Maskwacis, Alberta [Amber Bracken/Al Jazeera]

He stayed there until 9 years old when he was transferred to other housing schools in Edmonton.

All the abuse you listen, I regularly went on a regular basis.

His sister and nephew said that there were seven sisters and four brothers in the same residential school, but unfortunately they say they are strangers.

For the emotions of love or in principle, for all human feelings, you have not experienced them. He explains the expression of pain in the face. You know nothing about it. [LOVE ].

For example, I spent 11 years with his sisters and brothers in the building, but I do not know them as my brothers and sisters.

Do you understand my requests? There is no dependence on the family, but we work on it. prison.

For children It turns into black and white photos on the binder.

This is from the late 1950s, from Ermineca’s home school. You see ? He seems to look like a label fence in front of the school. What about someone who speaks to you that any people can not stop it? Well, this is a fence.

When they keep me and keep my friends and when you see this photo looks like a combination. Different than imprisonment? For children.

He explains how he appears around the electric fence, and after sunset every night, he will run. Athletics, he helped him save his life.

It is not the only result of its only one in Littlechild, which is the honor of art. He is an honorary student who has won several academic and sports prizes.

However, hockey is the true passion of him and helping him survive the person in the terror of residential school.

When he left the school, Littechild learned physical education, then the law, but still fell into a professional hockey player.

When he broke his leg when he was 20 years old, his dream was destroyed. So he focused on becoming a lawyer.

6,500 Abuse stories He will guide him to the United Nations as part of a delegation, helping the United Nations Declaration of Soil Rights and incorporate the policy from 1988 to 1993, and he serves as a Parliament. In 1993, he received the Canadian command.

Littlechild In June 2008 at the Public Hospital in Ottawa, in June 2008, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized with residential school survivors and Canada. Littlechild said he went to Harper, holding his hand, thank him.

Chief Wilton Littlechild in his office in Maskwacis, Alberta ahead of his visit to Rome, where he will meet with Pope Francis [Amber Bracken/Al Jazeera]

In the same year, the Government established the Authenticity and Reconciliation Committee of Canada (TRC ), left and listened to the legacy of the affected people who went to the inherited school.

Little Child became a specialist in a TRC, traveling throughout the country, listening to more than 6,500 people, share their accounts forward.

In December 2015, TRC published the final report of the call 94 to the Canadian and People’s Action.

Littlechild said that when first made me a specialist, I did not want to do this. Because residential schools have really affected me. But now, after that, I’m very grateful.

He spent a lot of heavy suggestions at the daily [TRC meeting every day. Because I returned to my life, I once again set my listening to more than 6,500 abuse stories.

Remember to listen to the survivors who want to apologize from the Catholic Church from the Catholic Church.

We have heard so many times as pain, angry, sometimes through tears, tell us, everything I want is apologize. I just want to tell me for someone.

After all, we are just a child, tell me, I am sorry that we do. And stay in my mind. I have given an opportunity for forgiveness. This is part of the healing.

I think many people have made good help themselves. But I think a piece is still missing, he is reflected.

They want to hear me very sorry A few years ago, Littlechild participated in the repatriation ceremony of 16 children in his family community in the residential school of Red Deer, Alberta.

Children received a traditional tombs and got honors on the four-year ceremony. His body was destroyed his grave. Many of them have no names of burial.

Little Child says he voluntarily carries a six-year-old child’s box inside a box. Nameless.

But I took it, because when I went to the residential school, he was as old as I, he was mine. She moved her hands to her heart and breathed.

Last summer, thousands of children were discovered who were killed in residential schools.

Looking for others to be in progress. Littlechild voluntarily helped looking for old land of morphinoni gold residential school.

Despite his age, he pushed the radar equipment in the open field next to the official community cemetery last fall. As he did, he recalled him in the school. This is a difficult experience, but forced to participate.

I hope, oh, please, God, do not let me find anyone, no child buried here, he said. Maskwacis has not yet been released from the search.

Chief Wilton Littlechild shows an area that was searched for unmarked graves in Maskwacis, Alberta [Amber Bracken/Al Jazeera]

The British church, the joint and elders will apologize for their roles they play in the Canadian living school.

Since there is no marking tomb last summer, the Catholic church is increasingly riding.

Little Child and a minority from other representatives from the first country will be a private one-hour meeting on March 31 to Pope Francis.

The Pope will separate the meeting in Rome and due to representatives of Inuit and Metis, and then celebrate the general audience in Vatican in Vatican in April. 1.

Request an apology is above the list of Littlechilds’s main task. [What I want to say about Pope Francis is what I beg you to come to Canada and you apologize.

The three words I want to hear: I’m sorry. And the trigger [for the treatment ] will be an apology.

If he said yes, although there, we hope we bring an apology, but it will not work.

Because I heard people in front of me, pain, pain and anger and different emotions, they want to hear it to tell them, I’m sorry.

Xiao Liang People explained that all this is very important for self-encouragement, self-esteem, because many children are still lost.

They don’t know who they are because they no longer understand their language. I am lucky, I can still talk about my language [believe ].

They didn’t do it as I am. Time is over In a statement released on March 24, Canada Catholic Bishop (CCCB ) said he thanked the land representative and the Pope Francis to pay attention to the pain of residents’ survivors.

We hope that these private meetings make the meaning of the Father resolve the continuous trauma and heritage facing the people of the Earth, and the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system, which leads to suppress the language, cultural and spirituality , President of CCCB. Raymond said Poisson.

Littlechild said that the remaining survivors, there is not much time.

She estimated that Shard Share SPS disappeared every day in Canada.

She said that those people have never apologized for their children, never apologize.

Chief Wilton Littlechild says many residential school survivors have gone to their graves without receiving an apology from the Catholic Church [Amber Bracken/Al Jazeera]

He also plans to share with the pope the impact sport has had on his life and his belief that it can be utilised to heal native communities.

Littlechild says he is contemplating giving a football jersey to the pope because he has heard he enjoys the game.

For me, the residence is a bad experience, and this sport is my only outlet.

I will call Pope Francis to encourage our young people to find some money in sports, helping him focus on his vivid, spiritual, spiritual and spiritual elements.

Warehouse The third request he spent on the Pope is a Catholic Church who lost 10 truth and mediation that helped create TRC during their time.

Warehouse This is not the first time Littlichild to Rome. Sometimes in half a dozen between them and formerly placed with Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

None of these meetings leads to an apology. Warehouse So how can we advance with mediation? He is asking.

As soon as you apologize, you have the opportunity to be able to forgive. I think there is still a piece, and therefore, our communities are still injured.

Then, with apologies, everyone will feel healing. And as soon as this is the excitement of justice.

Yes, you will say, the evil was done with me. Now I forgive, and I will heal and feel that justice has been done. Warehouse

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