The EU has cultivated the US LNG protocol. EU to stop dependence on Russian gas.

Ukraine Invasion has promoted power prices to transactions with high historical high.

The EU and the United States have been established on Friday, serving European add-to-American liquefied natural gas (lng ), and sources said that the European Group tried to slow down Russia’s dependence.

Russia Europe Europe European European violates Ukraine, promoting European energy prices have been recorded, and the EU has reduced Russian gas to two or two-thirds this year, so as to hiking from other countries import and quickly expand renewable energy.

Official Joe Belden, who participated at the EU Leaders Summit of Brussels, will provide at least 15 billion cubic meters (BCM ) to the United States, instead of planning Europe, familiar with the source of this business.

One of the sources added this transaction, which will increase the US liquefied manganese liquid. UU to EU exports in 2023. However, given that the plants of the US liquefied natural gas plant. UU have been fully produced, analysts say that most Europe will have to come from exports from other parts of the world.

We hope that recent measures will support the reestation of European liquefied natural gas that depend on the existing supply, analysts in Goldman Sachs in a report, due to most European gas prices in recent months in the world. Poten & Partners’ Global Business Intelligence Person Jason Feer said the energy and shipping consulting company said it is expected to enter the service in the United States this year.

However, almost all the United States belong to someone.

The charge is online with the contract, noting that if you want more GNL, you should pay it. Russia is the main natural gas supplier in Oisen Tower, with a total of £ 155 of £ 155 in 2021. Most of them are pipes, 15 BCMS are LNG.

The direct exports of US LNG. EU to the EU have been 22 BCM last year. US exporters published the historical records of liquefied natural gas for three consecutive months, because buyers in Europe and Asia have more than 10 times more exchange rates in more than a year.

Moscow Wednesday said that the hostile country, including EU Member States, should begin to pay oil and natural gas rubles. This improves the concern of the possibility of interference to the supply of European gas.

On Thursday, some EU leaders said that, since the demand for supply contracts has been lost. The German Prime Minister Olavistans said there are fixed contracts throughout the country, where delivery will become part of these contracts.

In most cases, it represents the euro or the dollar, which is the basis of our efforts. Janez Jansa, Prime Minister Slovenia, said no one will pay the ruble. EU leaders will agree on Friday, the second day of its summit, and coordinate the gas storage filling in combination of filling gas stored on the second day of economic Reuters.

These actions are intended to establish a supply buffer for non-Russian natural gas. The EU Commission will present a compilation of demand and will seek natural gas negotiations, follow the model used to buy Vaccines COVID-19. National Division. However, countries are still divided into direct sanctions of Russian oil and natural gas, which is already occupied by the United States.

EU billing will require the 27 member countries to approve. Latvia and Poland are those who seek to stop the euro euro every day to pay Russian fossil fuels. Latvia Prime Minister Carsings said that energy sanctions are a way to stop flowing at [Russian President Vladimir ] Pross War Gullet.

The most logical place for advance is oil and coal. Germany, Germany accounts for Russia’s natural gas exit, Hungary is opposed, involving economic damage to the release of petroleum embargo.

Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Portugal proposed energy prices and decoupling electricity and natural gas, collecting consumers’ invoices.

Other countries warn that their wholesale price eliminates the problem, and the destruction efforts become green energy. Due to the EU power market reform this month, any decision from the EU will delay the delay disclosure report.

The EU countries are the main responsibility for their energy policies.

The government has spilled billions of national taxation and subsidies to curb high energy bills.

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