The EU negotiator agrees with the reference method to stop the Giant of the US technology of the USA. UU

The Digital Market Law is designed to protect consumers to better survive competitors.

The negotiators of European Parliament and EU member states have agreed to prevent benchmark rules in the American technical field, such as Google, Yuan, Amazon and Apple.

In Brussels, politicians will be associated with the world’s most iconic network giants when the Internet guardians are constrained by special rules.

The Digital Market Law (DMA ) intensifies through BLOCS legislation, aims to protect consumers and make competitors have a better opportunity to survive in the powerful technology in the world, Technnauts.

Germany Mep Andreas Schwab said that the agreement between the new era of technical regulations has occupied negotiations in the European Parliament.

He added that the digital market invoice has finished more and more advantages of Da Tech. The main point of law is to avoid punishing the university procedures and the battles of the court to punish the great behaviors of science and technology monopoly.

   The case may end with huge fines, but how giants do business. Once implemented, the law will make Brussels not have an unprecedented authority to pay attention to decisions with the decision of the giants, especially when they try to buy a promising startup business.

  The Eus Marge the Westager contest said that they must now assume responsibility to the goalkeepers.

   Some things they can do, they can not do many things, of course, they will allow everyone to have a fair opportunity, he added.

Concrete effect

   There are approximately 20 rules in the law. In many cases, the practice of the objective of the great technology has been opposed to the blocks in the rules of competition, but Brussels has tried to implement this.

   DMA has imposed high-tech obligations, including Apple’s obligation to open its app store, requiring iPhone manufacturers to fiercely oppose, especially in the controversy of epic gampers with epic manufacturers.

   Google will be required to provide users with Android users, Google Maps applications, or Chrome browsers.

   A Google spokesperson told the AFP news agency that the US internet giant will “take time to study the final text and work with regulators to implement it”.

   “While we support many of the DMA’s ambitions around consumer choice and interoperability, we remain concerned that some of the rules could reduce innovation and the choice available to Europeans,” the spokesperson said.

   Apple would also be forced to loosen its grip on the iPhone, with users allowed to uninstall its Safari web browser and other company-imposed apps that users cannot currently delete.

   Google spokesman told AFP and US Internet giants. UU Take time to study the final text and work with regulatory agencies to implement it.

   In the spokesman, although we support the choice and interoperability of consumers around consumers, we still care that some rules can reduce innovation and European options.

    Apple will also be required to open your iPhone grip to allow users to uninstall your Safari web browser and other imposed applications from the company, which can not be deleted.

   In a statement, Apple quickly laments the law, saying that it is concerned that some of the provisions of the DMA believe an unnecessary vulnerability of privacy and safety for users.

   After an influential MEPS part, the law requires a message delivery service, such as WhatsApp Meetmers, to provide the user to the user in other services (such as IMISAGE signal or Apple), and vice versa.

    The French President of the EU and the representative member of the representative of No. 27, indicating that the law will give a specific impact on the life of European citizens.

   We are talking about the products you purchased online, your daily smartphones, and your daily services indicate that the Frances Digital Assorts said Cedric O.

Perform or challenge

The violation of the rules can lead to the annual global sales of the company up to 10%, and even 20% of repetitive criminals.

DMA has an in-depth impact on some actions conducted by the guardian, and the lawyer Katrin Schallenberg is a companion of the Clifford Opportunity.

    Clearly, he added that the affected company has been committed to performing a way to perform or even challenge regulations.

    The large-scale technology company strongly opposes the new rules, the company defends in Washington, alleged that the new law is unfairly unfair to US companies. 

  The negotiators now arrived, DMA is now facing the final vote at the complete meeting of the European Parliament, and the Minister of EUS 27 Member States.

   As of January 1, 2023, the rules can enter their status, although technology companies are asking for more time to implement law.

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