The EU special envoy is a nuclear talk about Iran to end the stagnation

The coordinator of the Enrick Mora nuclear talks expects to help Iran and the United States completed the stagnation negotiations on the restoration of 2015 transactions.

Iran Tehran, the European Union Coordinator will help Tehran and Washington in Iran will end the stagnation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, where US President DonaldTron prevented this in 2018.

ENRIQUE MORA, European External Action Services and Nuclear Talks Assistant Secretary-General will reach the Iranian capital after Saturday, and it is expected to visit Washington on Monday.

We must end this negotiation. Mora has a lot of shares in front of his travel, during which he will meet with the chief negotiation of Iran Alibabari. Saturday, EUS TOP DIPLOMAT Josep Borrell is very close to the agreement in Doha.

Earlier this month, Borrell requested that in Vienna’s negotiations, Austrian capital began due to external factors in April 2021. Suspension is initially aimed at Russian violations of Ukraine not affecting the last minute of the relationship between Iran.

In Russia, he has received a solution when he has received written guarantees from Washington.

Most revitalization of the necessary action of comprehensively acting action action (JCPOA ), which is well known from the agreement, they have been agreed.

But Iran and the United States have not completed this month to seem to be imminent.

The main problem seems to raise foreign terrorist organizations (FTO ) to appoint the Islamic revolutionary elite (IRGC ), Iran considers an important red line.

On Friday, I reiterated the Iranian Foreign Minister on Visit Beirut, and in visiting Beirut, the foreground of the agreement was optimistic, and added that it also benefited all countries in the region.

At the same time, the US National Security Consultant UU partner, if the diplomacy failed, it will increase the pressure of Tehran.

If an agreement is reached, it will improve the demanding US sanctions imposed on Iran while recommending the Iranian nuclear protocol, because the United States has gradually abandoned four years ago.

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