The Government of Biden defends Afghans of the United States to expel

The US UU climbs the TPS of the Afghanistan, but the defenders said that the law ensures the way refugees permanently stayed.

The Government of Biden is protecting Afghans who have been expelled in the United States, because Afghanistan is in the unstable future in the unknown crisis of the Taliban Government. The departments of the US Land Safety Department UU (DHS ) said on Wednesday that due to the development of continuous armed conflicts, the temporary protected state (TPS ) is specified as a temporary protection state ( TPS ) to avoid the provisional conditions of the country in security. Under this designation, TPS will also provide additional protections and guarantees to Afghans reliable partners to Afghans who supported US military, diplomatic and humanitarian missions. UU in Afghanistan in the last 20 years.

While TPS usually helps temporary people in the United States, including tourists and students, I can help Afghan refugees on Wednesday, they are inadvertently returning to their homeland. Nearly 74,000 Afghans in June, August last year, Afghans moved to the United States. The refugee was initially at the base of the army, known as the base of the harbor army, and then settled in the American community.

The US military announced in February that all Afghans withdraw from their country last year have resettleted. But most people are known as Ashumanitary Probation, which is a position to enter the country, and let them remain in the United States for two years, but they do not give permanent residence or citizen forms. In addition to the initial 18 months, renewable TPS will allow Afghan refugees to live and work in the country after their false diagrams expire, and their immigration resolves.

However, the speech of immigrant lawyers warns TPS is only a temporary solution, because its name shows that the US Congress UU adopt the legislation, this legislation will guarantee permanent residence in Afghan refugees. In a report (pdf ), DHS said more than 36,400 Afghan refugees could not obtain special immigration visas (SIV ) plans so that Afghans cooperated with US troops during the 20-year war.

These Afghan refugees can obtain a permanent identity of immigration is to apply for asylum. This is a long process. The defender is that most of them have an additional pressure from people arriving at the southern border.

Krish Omar Vignnarajah reaffirmed the resettlement institution, reiterated, reiterated, reiterated that reaffirmation of the resettlement institutions and reiterated the need to approval legislation to award the permanent status of the Afghans in the United States to award.

Although, Afghan TPS is a major protection tool, it does not address legal chandeliers that face thousands of Afghan people withdraw from US humanitarian probation. We have a stable requirements for our allies and Afghan friends, and we can only provide a good words and deeds for permanent residence. Congress must provide long-lasting security by adopting Afghan adjustment. SUNIL VARGHESE (IRAP ) of the International Refugee Assistance Project Policy is a defense team in New York, and it also applauds the designation of TPS, but convened Congress approval adjustment.

Irap welcomes this effort to protect Afghanists from danger, but TPS is temporary definition, Varghese once. Congress must approve afghan adjustment to ensure evacuation. Afghan people have a safe path in the United States. The Decision of Biden awarded TPS for the Afdon of the Afghan, almost two weeks in the earthquake of Ukrainians in the United States, the ranks of Russians in Uwu, USA.

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