The judge approves the former President of Honduras to extract to the United States

Juan Orlandohernández is facing the characteristics of drug trafficking and firearms, and three days can make an appeal decision.

Judge Honduras has authorized the President of Extradition Hu An Orlando Hernández to drug trafficking and firearm of the United States. The decision announced on Wednesday that the Tweeion account in the Chinese Department of Justice.

According to judicial spokespersons, Hernández, arrested in mid-February, in mid-February, after three days of extradition of judges after extradition from the United States. The US authorities said that the right front leader participated in the drug trafficking program from 2004 to 2022.

It also found millions of bribes to protect drug trafficking and prosecutions, carry, use or help and reput weapons. The Hernández, which is president, is held by the left-handed sub-Xiomara Castro, denied any crime.

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