The last projectile of North Korea has ended with failure.

The setback is in the middle of Pyongyang, and he has conducted a series of tests this year and plans to introduce the prohibited ICBM.

The neighbor of North Korea said nuclear-weapon states shot an unknown shot, but the launch seemed to fail after takeoff. North Korea threw an unknown shots today at 09:30 (00:30 00:30), but it was estimated that it failed immediately after the release, the joint employee of Seouls (JCS ) said in a statement. He added that missile suspects threw a place near the airport.

Japanese media reported earlier in the north that a possible ballistic missile has cited a national defense officer without a name. At this point, our evaluation is that the shooting release seems to have been poor because it has not reached a certain altitude area during the early improvement stage, known as Yonhap’s news.

Yonhap’s reports, according to the sources, said that weapons can explode in the hollow, but JCS officials refuse to publish comments. For other specific details, we need a detailed analysis because we believe that we can not comment on the assumption. To date, Pyongyang celebrated a new test of nine weapons so far on March 5 of this year. The North has said that these two launches are a kind of recognition satellite, but South Korea and the United States say they believe that these tests are related to the new intercontinental ballistic missile system (ICBM ), the so-called Monster missiles They have never been tested before.

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