The Saudi Benefit ARAME 2021 is more than oil prices

The Saudi giants said that they were compared with $ 49 billion by 2020, its net income increased by 124% to 2021 years of 11 billion US dollars.

The Mason of Saudi Arabia is American Niu Ame United States, it does not say that the attack is caused by any damage. The company said in a statement that the net income of amiskos has increased by 2021 11 billion Australia, and increased by 124% in 2021.

Amiko achieves the net profit of 2019 $ 88.2 billion before the coronary virus is popular in the global market, leading to large losses in oil and aerospace sectors.

The strong bounce last year, oil prices were restored from 2020, have been shot since 2014, have been able to use the scarcity and Ukraine in Ukraine since 2014. Aramco floated 1.7% in Saudi in December 2019, and the first public launch in the world, produced $ 2.94 billion in the world.

Our solid results are our financial disciplines, through the continuous development of market conditions and firm attention to our long-term growth strategy, the President of Alamco and CEO Amin Nasser told a statement that our financial approval.

He said that although the economic situation has improved enormously, it is still uncertain due to various macroeconomic and geopolitical factors. But we added that our investment plan is designed to use sustainable, reliable, affordable and safer long-term needs.

We recognize that for billions of people from all over the world, energy security is fundamental, so we continue to improve the production capacity of crude oil, we implemented our natural gas expansion plan and increase the liquid to chemical capabilities.

Economic diversity Since 2017

The Bentales of Mohammad named as the Hered Prince, Saudi Arabia tried to diversify its oil-led economy. Because Russia violated Ukraine, Brent’s crude oil is currently sold in more than 100 barrels per barrel.

In February, one of the world’s main exporters of crude oil in the world reached 4% of Aramco’s shares, worth $ 8 billion funds from sovereign richness. The transfer is also Saudi Arabia hoping further opening the giants of Saudi-economic oil and the gems of the crown, the largest in the Arab world. The Hered Prince said last year, Aramco is negotiating a 1% stake to foreign energy giants.

Russia is one of the largest natural gas producing countries in the world and the largest oil manufacturers, and fought with sanctions on the mountain.

The rich countries in the Bay of Oil, including Saudi Arabia, resisting Western pressures to increase oil production to exacerbate prices, emphasize their commitment to oil producers, league and Moscow leaders.

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