The United Nations authorized new AU mission to revoke armed groups in Somalia

Somalia has released its balance after the powerful male and several armed groups have begun to find its balance after confusion.

Burundian African Union Mission in Somalia peacekeepers stand in formation during a ceremony as they prepare to leave the Jaalle Siyaad Military Academy after being replaced by the Somali military in Mogadishu, Somalia. February 28, 2019 [File: Feisal Omar/Reuters]

The United Nations Security Council invisibly supports Somali’s new transformation tasks, and authorizes measures to the Measures of Islamic and armed groups and provides safety responsibilities to the Somalias government.

Thursday voted replaced Somalia’s AU task (Amisom ), the mission in Africa, lasts for 15 years, trying to establish a lasting peace and security, in Somali Au transition task (atmis ).

The resolution adopted by the Council confirmed the major changes in the security situation, authorized Amisom in February 2007 and improving the ability of Somalia to respond to security challenges, and reiterated the need to combat all means of terrorism threats.

In recent years, Somalia has begun to find it to find its balance after powerful and confusing thee-Qaeda-Linkedal-Shabab Group, and the emergence of armed groups related to ISIL.

On March 15, last year, the political crisis team that completed the delayed delay the parliamentary elections on March 15 had not been completed, and the vote for the new president was further delayed. The British written resolution authorized the new ATMIS mission to support Somalia for safety at all levels.

The Security Council emphasizes that without more delays, the power to complete the electoral process and achieve the transition of peace will help the national priorities of Somalia and support its 2021 transition program, the program is gradually committed to gradually meet the International steps for the responsibility of power.

The Council reiterates its objectives to make Somalia take full responsibility for their own safety, including the assumptions and resolves the main role of al-Shabab threats.

The Council authorized the Member States of the AU to implement up to 19,626 uniforms, including a minimum of 1,040 police until December 31.

It also supports the Council of Peace and Safety of the AU decided to reduce the date of peacekeeping of 2,000 years of age and the number of people will maintain the number of peaces in December 2024.

The resolution also welcomed the Somali Government that carried out 3,850 additional security personnel held in December 2022, and more than 10,450 in June 2024.

The vice president of the United States, Richard Mills, said the resolution provides an important opportunity for amisomisms-based efforts and takes a step forward to Al-Shabab.

Mills said the authorization of ATMIS provides the opportunity to adapt and revitalize Africa.

Ambassador, the United Nations Ambassador, the United Nations, expressed the decision of the Council’s resolutions, without providing more funds or resolving the unit and centralized ATMIS domain and greater logistical support.

He said that the resolution of these problems will ensure that the resolution is consistent with the strategy of Somalias, he said.

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