The United States prevents exports to Russia and Belarus.

The Washington movement is the last action that Moscow will punish for Ukrainian invasion.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has announced a new round of export restrictions against Russia and Belarus [File: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

The Government of Biden announced a new round of export restrictions in Russia and Belarus, increasing 120 entities, mainly companies in contact with the army to effectively avoid the list of important technologies.

Friday supplements to the entities of the commercial sector follow similar actions, since the Russian army from Friday, from Frankimir Ordinary President, invaded Ukraine on February 24.

The last criterion for destroying Russian and Belarus, space, sea and other strategic sectors in response to the brutal misuse of Russia in Ukraine’s sovereignty and the Ministry of Commerce said.

The White House helps control technology and software that reach the military sector in Russia and Belarus.

These pieces are effectively interrupted from the effort required to maintain the Putin war, and the Minister of Trade, said the Gina Raimondo Minister in the statement.

Export control expansion.

The control is due to the dramatic expansion of a so-called foreign product method that makes the US tools and objects abroad with the help of US licenses that have taken US licenses before they are sent to Russia.

These behaviors are also trading sectors that almost deny almost all licenses.

During the sum, the Ministry of Commerce has added 260 agencies in response to attacks on Ukrainian attacks called Ukrainian attacks called some operations.

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