The US police said that 6 people died, Sacramenca shot at least 9 injured

The police asked residents to avoid urban centers, which is a city center filled with restaurants and bars.

A roadblock is set a block away from the scene of a mass shooting in Sacramento, California, the United States [Rich Pedroncelli/AP]

The local police said that at least six people were killed, nine people were injured, in the shooting of Sacramentosalameno city center.

The Sacramento Police Department said on Sunday on the social network to avoid the area, will remain, the site is still active, the Sacramento Police Department said.

The Sacramento Police Department said it fired on Sunday morning. The video is launched on Twitter that shows people through the street because the sound of the quick trigger can be heard in the background.

The video shows a variety of ambulances have been sent to the scene. The police provided some details on how to film the surrounding environment. The phone message seeking a comment is left with the Sacramento Police.

The shooting area was taken with restaurants and bars, which led Gold One, King Sacramento played basketball.

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