Togo dismissed more teachers in the new controversy of the Teacher Alliance.

The rural government of West Africa and the Master Alliance have a long dispute.

Lome, Togo Government has dismissed nine teachers, and dismissed the additional 137 people in a week, even if the teacher’s alliance continued to ask the government agency GNASSigbe to fulfill its commitment.

Gilbert Bawara in Public Service will declare the decision of more teachers in Gilbert Bawara. After strike on March 30, this movement is almost a week, and 137 teachers have the same reason after strike from April 4 to 7.

All teachers have been banned and will be redistributed by the Public Service and the Ministry of Work, because Valara said that violations of teachers demand repeatedly displayed violations of teachers’ requirements. Unreasonable with the Government Department and the Power Distribution Union, with Togo (CSCET ) Education Union and Togo Coordination Author (STT) workers’ coordination.

Long-term issues of the department

The problem that plagues the Goss Department of Education is not new, teachers say that current working conditions are not adequate, which leads some strikes.

On March 10, the Government signed a memorandum of understanding of the Memorandum of Understanding with stakeholders from the Department of Education to exhaust problems, including payment.

Togo’s President Faure Gnassingbe waves to supporters [File: Emile Kouton / AFP Photo]

According to the agreement, the government will launch 5 billion CFA francs (about 8.3 million) to pay bonds during 2021-2025.

The funds have been committed to as part of the Early Agreement with CSCE and STT in April 2018, they will take the form of public school teachers and volunteer teachers.

A part of the packaging will also serve as a national fund to strengthen the educational sector.

The Memorandum of Understanding also stipulates that the central government recruits more teachers to cultivate educators.

Again, we demonstrate that when the general interest and the common reasons we need it, we can transcend and have an attitude and responsible spirit.

After signing, Bavra, which is the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The Parties to understand the Memorandum of Understanding are the Association of the United Nations and the National Alliance of Education.

But the Set said that this is not one of the agreement, and writes a letter to Bavra on April 1 to announce the strike.

When calling April 1, the Alliance, the Alliance instructs the government to ignore its monthly allocation for all teachers and other bonuses and monthly assignments for volunteer recruitment.

Kossi Kossikan is the associate secretary and one of the dismissed teachers, who tells the French media RFI, the problem of the media of governments is: we are a strong democratic alliance, directly from the bases, is not A trade union control.

He affirms that the government is using all the means to kill us, but we are silent and the struggle must continue due to the base.

The summ of strike in April is then March 24th to 25th, and it is also sanctions by the government, and these people have been approved for those who have observed it.

The tug-of-war between the central government and the teacher is planned before the exam.

Education is part of ambitious country development and development, is committed to investing 150 billion CFA (about 250 meters) across the country.

Last year, when a speech at the World Summit of the London Education Association, the President of Gnassigbe said that early education programs still need bold investment.

In Togo, although we have budget, it has reached approximately 25% of the national budget, and the participation of [Early Education ] is low.

According to the “Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations, Togo has made significant progress under its net primary registration rate, and the net primary registration rate in 2018 as of 2020 is 98.8%, up to 90.7%.

The government has announced plans to recruit more than 3,000 teachers and build 30,000 classrooms for 2025.

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