Top ten attractions, Italy Reveira

This narrow coastal zone is close to Italys Liguria shore, in slices, in the popular seaside resort, because Bolono is a summer dream, there are more. Rich village and sea village, turquoise cover is crowned by the cliff, Italy Riviera is the best Liguria, France and Italy, especially when you have long rhythm weekend and exploration. From Genoa to the cycle, we will focus on the favorite experience to help you find the best experience in the region.

Coastal Culture of Western Riviera of Italy in Savan

Exit the boat near Savana, we will see why Riviera is more than just a coastline, but it is your own destination. This important Italy is a good introduction to all you expect: hillside, private beach, and high-end beach airlines designed for luxurious and natural companies. Although Savona’s strong is the only person living in Génal forces in the 16th century, but you still have no problem to understand the city through the popular Mediaeval center through countless ecological lords. Oh, espresso and Wineta’s espresso will never be a bad idea.

Appertivo hour in Savona

Try Geno Signed Pasta Genovese this

The taste of Parmigiano Reggiano (Hard Hard Parmesan ) and Sangiovese (Liguria Wine ), Genoa is from some of the most popular pasta dishes from all over the country. Ligurian Classic Pasta Alla Genavesea’s popular dishes with pasta Al Dente, potatoes enjoy pesta in cubes and Pestos. Combine it with a cup of scimisci or prescinsua (also known as quagliata ) and will mix with the crowd.

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What is: a lovely morning on three hiking and boats, as well as the back trip mill from St. Magita.

Climb to St. George Church, understand the panorama of the charming town, then enjoy the famous baking in the local bakery.

Next, join the Pesto course and enjoy the Ligurian lunch overlooking water. Finally, you can explore idle time yourself before capturing your return ferry.

Tour luxury port of luxury port

Midday sun on the Portofino harbour.

In the morning, the trade of dreams jumped for golden moments and began to explore the port of Porto Port.

This ancient fishing village is one of the most popular exclusive tourist attractions, exclusive exclusive exclusive exclusive live in a closed peninsula, covering a gourmet cover, can attract a few hours.

You need a few Focaccia to form a port, then if you are trying to climb to Castello Brown next morning, then it is more.

Browse the coast of Liguria on the traditional sailing boat

Take a break, sail quietly in the northwest, impregnated towards the Italian sun on the classic sailboat. SIP in the wine of some Liguria to familiarize the compulsory view of the grape, and enjoy the sparkling of the Gulf. If you want to enter some adventures, you can help relax, near the islands you can act as Snorkeling holes, while you can find local marine agencies, fishing culture and all the vision you can take.

Explore Piazza de Ferrari in appetizing time this

A glass of aperitivo, or pre-milk drink that is served during happy hour.

In 1786, Distiller Antonio Benedetto Canyon has the oldest and most new time of the modern dietary ceremony of apritifa, joining herbs, which has increased the appetite. Although it is not yet clear from the word word, the term can be traced back to Latin Latin that becomes a can, and it means immediately before dinner. Nowadays, Genoas Piazza de Ferrari is a beautiful place to observe this traditional tradition because people leave the city square or central district from 7 to 9 o’clock, and enjoy some dry snowboards to amontillado.

He spent the time of the old port Porto Antico Di Genova

the importance of the old port for the main bay in the Mediterranean, nickname is one of the most popular ports in Italy, negotiating after the port of Trieste. In recent years, these 22 kilometers of sea activities have also become a cultural icon for display tourism and entertainment services. In small cafés, the restaurant is in the sidewalk and leisure and Moses Mall, as well as visit attractions, such as sea museum, Genoa Aquarium, Bosquera Botanical Garden, and enjoy sunset island on the barge.

Walking from Cinque Terre National Park

A view of the vivid fishing villages in Cinque Terre.

In La Spezia, the Cinque Terre National Park, is the smallest meaning of Italy, which includes steep terrain and dense wild animals, 39 square kilometers. With the five different coastal cities, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Manarola and Monterosso al Marevisitors can choose to take many traces of hiking and enter the Italian rate of the local village. Although the National Park itself is free and open, Monterross Rosa and Vernazazorniglia are two routes that require special licenses. The most popular exploration is through the Cinque Terre investment train card, which will allow you to unlimited training lines and hiking.

Drive along the coast of Tigullio Bay

The road from Tigullio Bay is widely considered the sun, the landscape of the Ocean Milan, the rocky cliff, the terrace, walked after sunset. He added Punta Manra and rewards at Punta Marina, who added Punta Marinara and rewards, which is the fresh dinner on the beach near Betnifino, this road trip offers the southernmost Europe. One of the driving experiences.

Walk from Corso Italia to Boccadasse

A seafront view of the old fishing village of Boccadasse.

A seafront view of the old fishing village of Boccadasse.

The center of Genoa, east, is located 2.5 km from Largo Corso Italy. 2.5 km from the Scenic Spot to Boccadaaassea’s famous ancient fishing village, taste a ice cream and appetizer before you call him. Outside, this path leads to Capendan Chiara, is one of the best views of the stunning view of the soft ancient villa.

Taste experience skipping wine through olive oil

The trip and taste in the winery and the farm of the grape are the recommended part of Italy, but why not jump the long line and the busy vineyards, the same liquid gold rich ? In the local facilities of olive oil, such as Santo Stefano di Magra (Low Lunigiana ) to distinguish between the country’s experience between Italy and its surrounding territories. If you wish to extend your trip, you can use the tour guide, show olive oil, just sample dishes such as pesto, Bocal, Mesciua.

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