Turkey is looking for a second mine on the beach near Bulgaria

The Ministry of Defense said that the mine has been guaranteed and the intervention is initiated to neutralize it.

The National Defense Turkey Defense Department said that a mine found on the coast of the country, only three days of the next day, added, experts are working hard to stop.

Russia Hard warned that Ukrainians infringed some annual mines sent by flies in the Black Sea to announce a week, have spread from their cables, and may deviate from Bosphorus. Strait Mediterranean Sea. .

On Monday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense adjusted a mine to be ignored near the Bulgarian border of the Black Sea.

He said that the ore has been guaranteed and launched intervention in the middle and it.

The first mine stops marine traffic On Saturday, approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 mile) at the entrance to the northern part of Istanbul North

Turkey re-opened Bosprus in the expert team and the mining area, and the sea traffic was stopped in the area.

ANKARA is adjusted with Ukrainian and Russian officials, with the adjustment of this problem, adjusting the defense secretary at that time.

The war in Ukraine was started on February 24th when Vladimir Putin commands the complete invasion of the neighboring land.

Thousands of people were killed, and more than 10 million people were forced to ran for about 3.5 million people abroad.

However, Ukraine and Russian negotiator are expected on Le Le Ko Mekot Istanbul, later on Monday or Tuesday.

According to AFP, according to AFP, AFP reported AFP reported AFP reported AFP reported AFP.

Last week, Turkish officials warned Navtex marine warning systems that, after being destroyed from anchor with storms, there is a risk of mines in Ukraine.

Extra boot mines are often equipped with systems that represent harmless when released from their anchors.

However, the oldest mines cannot take this security measure, where Turkish media has been reported.

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