Ukraine – Russian War Causes New Threats to World Food Safety

Russia and Ukraine combined a third of wheat and barley output in the world.

In Ukraine and Russia, in the long-term popularity, the top of the United Nations official, the main source of fertilizers, energy to ensure the world’s world proposed a new challenge, which said on Thursday. We have been good, even before the big popularity, hunger slowly rises to the flourishing blow, Gabriel Fairro to Loma Orio, the World Food Security, the United Nations platform, and hunger The person in charge of the struggle said. He told the Associated Press, which estimates that there is a total of 1.61 billion people suffering from hunger than before, a total of 8.21 million yuan. Russia’s Ukrainian invasion has a great impact on supply and food prices, so unfortunately, we must be cautious, but we can see the global global impact.

He said countries need to carefully manage their food security. For example, Bangladesh imports almost half the wheat of Ukraine and Russia. Although there is no global interference to wheat supply, due to the week before the invasion, the price has been shot at 55%. Russia and Ukraine combined a third of wheat and barley output in the world. Ukraine is also an important provider of corn leaders and sunflower oil for food processing. War can reduce food supply at the highest level since 2011. At the meeting of the United Nations Organization of Bangladesh, officials also discussed how to face the impact of climate change, using new technologies and the resolution of diseases and pests in the Asia and Pacific region, and pests in the world. World.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Bangladesh, Sheikh Flour, highlighted his country to achieve self-sufficiency in various basic foods, including rice, and pointed out that agriculture remains the backbone of the economy of South Asia, and South Asia It has a vertebral column of 160 million. . The delta countries are one of the most serious victims of climate change, because the sea level and salinity arise to lose millions of threats with the loss of housing and lands. The Director General of FAO, Dongyu, said it is reversed for many years, hunger in the Asia and Pacific region is increasing. Inequality is also an increase, especially among rural and urban populations, although it is often behind women and adolescents. He said that the great popular forces us to re-consider our priorities and methods, and emphasize the importance of a more sustainable and exciting society.

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