Unhappy allies moving north of Africa.

Morocco and Algeria (Algeria) and Algeria (Algeria) aimed at the government aimed at improving the relationship with the United States.

This dissatisfaction is also dangerous for Biden Government, regarding the tension of the United States, its curved allies, Saudi Arabia and the UAE United Arab Emirates. Algeria still refused to reverence the predecessors that the President of Joe Biden rejected the Donald Camp Trump in Morocco’s sovereignty on the Western Sea. In addition, Morocco does not exceed the detection of the Rakut.

Western Sahara has long been a source of conflict between Algeria and Morocco [File: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters]

The contrast of the renewal between the neighbors through the desert (Desert) exacerbated vague disputes in August, followed by three civilians, followed by a drone strike in Algeria, accused of accusing Morocco. The US Secretary of State emerged with the tension and disappointment of recovery, on Monday, and arrived in Algeria, where Wednesday was arrived in the Middle East and North Africa.

Department along Sara Since 1979, the old Spanish colonies, which Morocco is widely controlled, Western desert was a violent Moroccan relationship with Algeria, which supports West Share’s independent independent movement.

The recognition of the ruling in the opposite direction of Morocco was agreed to normalize the relationship with Israel, but it has deteriorated the tension between Algeria and Morocco.

The Biden government did not start all climbing statements. Mohammad Mayaa of the board of directors and Saraharah, Despite the declaration of thrombosis, I told Al Shara about the US position on the issue of Western desert.

Sararan Media Release Western is active and president said to Al Jazeera. According to Mayara, Blinken loses the balance of the disappointment of Morocco and Algeria, and the normalization of robots with Tel Aviv is not ringing, making it a new motivation for Western deserts without expanding Algeria’s obstacles and Poly Issue Rio movement.

This view is not shared by the image. Moroccan Journalist Moroccan said that Morocco has emphasized the diplomatic achievements of Morocco for Western Sahara.

Spain has confirmed your support for Western Country Deduction. Morocco’s big hitting. Instead, the Spanish government supported the proposal of robots that assisted the proposal of robots published on March 18, but it is under Morocco control.

ABDUL FATTAH has been expected to have uncertainty to build Morocco sovereignty to recognize the opposite land, and the new position has proposed an idea to give independence to this area with a solution suitable for US foreign policy and UN efforts.

DET HAR ERSATTS AV RYSK GAS After attacking Ukraine, European Russian gases and European Europeans are also agenda. The United States is currently recommended that Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are increasing the amount of oil and gas exports, especially in Algeria, especially for helping the boiler goals.

reason for visiting [Blinkens ] is that Algeria is fast persuaded to become a replacement supplier of Russia, reducing European dependencies in Moscow for the Energy Requirements, IDris Attia, International Relations and Political Sciences. I said alki.

Algeria is currently the largest gas supplier in Europe, representing 11% of European gas income. Sonatrach’s oil and gas companies have announced that they want to increase resources for Europe, but there is a question about whether Algeria has the ability to increase production.

In addition, the production capacity is not the only question like Algeria, and it was efforts to maintain balance between Russia and the United States. Algeria claims neutral cases of the Ukrainian war, but in Washington in Washington, Algeria has traditionally been closer to Moscow than America, and Attia said.

Another dynamic visit blinkens [SO] I want to move Algeria in Russia. Even if Morocco is not a prominent oil and gas supplier, the product is an important part of a blinking trip for ligaments. Morocco was an important channel for delivering Algeria through the pipeline of Morocco and Spain.

After the diplomatic relationship between Algeria and Morocco, Algeria uses the European Magnetic Gas Pipeline in November to use the gas pipeline to insert Algeria gas with a gas pipe, and finally reduced the gas flow of Algeria. Don’t update. As Europe.

Blinking tries to coordinate two neighbors. Abdul Fattah also believed that Morocco would be and discussed that political conventions from the Libyan fraction, which expect to earn the stability of the Libyan energy sector.

Libyan oil production dropped dramatically because individual factions continued to maintain power after they were selected in December.

Morocco received a conversation that was supported by the United Nations, which provided a Skhirat 2015 conference that led the Libyan government to the national unit.

I hope that similar processes can be reproduced or useful for suggestions for winning new political agreements for brokers.

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