US analysts said that the Ukrainian war should not hinder Iran’s rejuvenation.

By criticizing Russia, the supporters of Jcpoa said that we must press Diplomacy.

Iran and world powers have held several rounds of negotiations in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal since April of last year [EU Delegation in Vienna/EEAS/Handout via Reuters]

For a few months, critics of Iranian nuclear operations in the US UU DC have been restarted in the Agreement. Now they add to Russia to participate in the negotiations to restore multilateral contracts, with their long-term call list, because Russian troops continue their well-being in Ukraine.

However, supporters of the Agreement, formally known as the joint integrated action plan (JCPoA ), saying that Ukraine conflicts should be difficult to try to restore it.

Denied Muraishada, a reporter and analyst – Americans say that the critics in Washington JCPOA will always exist, but if the agreement hopes to be reactivated, it is necessary to facilitate the opposition management.

At the end of the day, he told Al Jazera to tell Al Jazera. The president can only make a decision, through political capital, take a little public calories, this is Obama, only do it.

Mortazavi said, because all these reasons, I think sooner or later than it will be better later. But I think the theme of the government of the door is that they are trying to make everyone happy, but it is impossible to be impossible from Iran.

American dismissal oil factor Biden and the highest assistant of him stressed that they are negotiating with the leaders of the US Congress. UU and the Middle East Allies, many of which are strongly opposed to JCPOA, and restore the negotiation of the Convention.

JCPOAHAVE’s opponent said it is insufficient, arguing that it is strictly forbidden to disable the Iranian nuclear program, and it does not solve the Missile and missile plan of Tehran Regional Policy.

Iran reached the scale of the Nuclear Plan size to the scale of the scale of the international sanctions to its economy, the current President Barak Olympus faces similar opposition.

Three years later, former president Donaldtrump kills the transaction and developed the greatest pressure sanctions for Iran. In response, Tehran resumed the nuclear program, far exceeding the limit established by the Agreement.

However, Biden said he believes it is the highest national security priority that has won nuclear weapons in Iran, and has expressed its intention to revitalize the agreement by compliance with JCPOA.

However, its government makes it clear that global oil production is not considered in Iranian indirect negotiations, which have been held in Vienna, Austria, in April 2021.

Last weekend delivered a speech at the Doha Forum, the US special envoy UU said the Iran Robert Merryi said that the standard of recovery agreement strictly rely on the US national security issues. The UU that has been given is: If our interests, please reach the agreement to match ; if our worries are met, please reach an agreement; Merry said, if we can overcome these differences, please reach an agreement.

Now it has been zero, you really need to reach an agreement because I need oil in the market.

I have never heard of it. Russias participation Through the 2015 other signator, the United States Iran, including the European Union, Germany and United Nations Security Council, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia’s five permanent members.

But Russia’s participation in the discussions has become the focus of the critics of the Washington ruler, especially Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

Russia has been reduced to Asian countries, and is correctly that Rarz Democrat COSC said he strongly supports Israel to become the main critique and restoration of his efforts in Iran.

So, why did we negotiate with Russia, as if they never invade Ukraine? It seems that towers in March during the period of our lives.

Russia is looking for the exemption from Western sanctions related to Ukraine trade in Iran, Russia is looking for objections from the engraving exemption.

Although Moscow said that this problem has been resolved, but rejected it repeatedly in the way of restoring this transaction, JCPO critics in Washington cited the Russian advertising negotiations to attack the agreement.

This situation requires an immediate completion, especially when we have problems in Ukraine, we do not need to complete.

We should walk, the preferred Republican Jim Risch of the Senate’s foreign policy panel is expressed at the press conference earlier this month. Mr. President, you are the only person in the United States to carry out business with the Russians, stopping with the Russians.

Last obstacle Ryan Costello, the Iranian Policy Director of the US Council, is a group based on Washington, DC, supports recovery agreements, rejected Russia’s participation in Vienna to discuss stupid concerns.

Costello said that Ukraine’s crisis may bet on the Iranian protocols in the decisive moment of negotiations, but it may allow new obstacles to prevent negotiators from crossing the target line.

I really worry that this drift continues moving, and there is no high-level concern and the approach in the Biden government, basically capable of solving it and continuing and saves and saves, but tells Al Jazeera.

Negotiation negotiations seem to be the Iranian requirements, eliminate Islamic revolutionary guards (IRGC ) from the list of foreign terrorist organizations, Washington has not been excluded, is not willing.

said that the name of IRGC is a symbolic issue, which is important for Iran, which can lead to the main rebound of Washington, including members of its own democrat.

He added that even if the designated is improved, IRGC will face penalties, ballistic missile activities and other issues related to human rights abuse.

Tazactelo said that this will be a true shame, and the collapse of a very symbolic specification is similar, which is a real energy.

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