US week by week jobless must arrive since 1969

Even if the price has skyrocketed, the Labor Market of the United States continues to exhibit strength.

The number of Americans who request unemployment benefits last week fell to the lowest level of 52 years, since the US labor market. UU continued to show increases in persistent costs and viruses. The Department of Labor reported on Thursday that the last week of March 190,000 to 187,000 to 187,000, which is the lowest day since September 1969. The first application of unemployment aids usually tracks the rhythm of dismissals.

The average number of claims, which compensates for weekly volatility and has fallen over the 50 years. The Department of Labor reported that the average of the flow averaged to 211,750 in 223 and 250 weeks. A total of 1,350,000 Americans collected the help of unemployed before March 12 next year, in another fifty years.

Earlier this month, the government reported that employers added a solid 678,000 job opportunities in February, since July, the largest number of monthly months. The 4% reduction in January is 1,3.8%, extends strongly decline in the lack of unemployment rate before two years ago.

US companies published almost recorded professional positions in January, and opened 11.3 million trends in January, helping the workers on the pad and increase the inflation pressure. Since the early 1980s, the federal reserve has launched high-risk efforts last week to improve the short-term interest rate assessment since the 1980s, which increased six additional interest rates this year.

The federal fourth quarter has increased its focus. Since the major populty recession more than two years, this key rate has reached zero, marking its efforts to prevent high inflation of recovery of economic recession recovery. The increase in speed will eventually be the loan interest rate of many consumers and companies.

The polic manufacturers of the central bank expect inflation to remain increasing and ends 2022 times it is 4.3%. Earlier this month, the Government reported that in the last year, the inflation rate to the consumer was 7.9%, since the sharp sharpened spike since 1982.

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