Vote from Malta’s election

The current government of the campaign and the registration of economic orbit is expected to win.

The vote has begun in the Elections of Maltas, the investigation prior to the vote suggests winning the current governments, these governments are running through the population of coronary viruses and economic orbital records.

The voting station in the capital queues, EVALLETTA begins before 7 am (GMT 06:00). The public opinion survey is close to 10 o’clock (GMT ), and temporary results are expected to be carried out on Sunday.

The Ministry of Labor, Robert Bretra, in nine years of economic records in nine years, and dealing with the doubts of pantyhose on corruption, still destroyed by a reporter.

But the party has still been exposed by Reporters Daphne Caruana Galizia, who killed a world surprised by a car bomb in October 2017.

Last year, a public issue found that the country has created a culture of guilty not penalty in the country of Joseph Muscat, those who want to be silent. After disclosed protest, Muscat has reduced their attempts to protect allies in their death in January 2020.

It is replaced in the vote of the labor part of Abiera. The new prime minister has enhanced good governance and freedom, although the anti-corruption activist and the family of Car Runari, but it is not enough to go.

The last rebound on Thursday, Open urged the banner to Wave’s supporters and my first authorization believed me, so that it can continue to change things by changing things.

However, the leader of the Opposition Nationalist Party, Bernard Glere, continues to underline, requires more actions and questions government development transactions.

Speech on Thursday, only a few meetings of people, due to coronary heart disease, Grech warns that our democracy is dangerous. Analysts expect this year’s voting rate, which is generally 90% in a country, and eclipses concerned about Ukraine’s concerns last month.

Money in his pocket

Catholic: Most Malta is located on the coast of Sicily. It is the smallest and dense country of the EU, around 516,000 inhabitants in 316 square kilometers (122 square miles ).

It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, which makes it a repetitive objective of the aggressors, which leads to rich cultures, and the walls of the sixteenth century have designated UNESCO World Humanity.

Despite rare natural resources, old British colonies have been based largely on tourism, financial services and online games, but long-term compensation as an allegation of the Cuasi tax refuge.

Malta was cataloged in the international washing against Money last year. Although this month progressed, the body’s report progressed and improved hope this summer can be obtained from the list.

The island countries are also burned by their golden passports, which gives prosthetic investors to citizenship, these investors are usually only occupied in the country.

Under political pressure, Abra is suspended Russians and Belarusian programs after the Ukraine invaded, but this month of the European Parliament requires all of these programs throughout the street.

For many voters, Malta’s economic growth is better than all other problems.

The coronary virus dispatched an economic free fall, but the government supports individuals and companies, last year’s growth rate of nine hundred points.

Since work has entered, it is always working for people, 71, drinking coffee and friends in Most.

If there is now a corruption, at least people have no pain, and their pockets have money.

Do not touch your pockets, people do not matter. But some people like Joanne Odonnell, 37, an Malta vote from her home to Denmark, who adheres to the Labor Party to leave the government. In the eyes of the people, Malta came from a paradise to the place where Daphne was killed, she said at the National Party Raise of Valletta.

I am not proud. The surrounding environment is another big problem, and residents complain about the lack of green space after architecture.

There are trucks everywhere, we can’t breathe, dust, no concrete trees, neither green, zero, complain Vincent Borg, 68, buy breakfast in most. Both major part is committed to do more to protect the environment.

Yape has a green party, but before 1964, there is no third party who has a seat in the Malgas Parliament.

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