Votes in the shadow of the Ukrainian war in Hungary

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Opposition Parties gathered together Challenge Prime Minister Victor, hoping to extend his 12 years of mission.

A woman votes at a polling station in Budapest [Bernadett Szabo/Reuters]

Hungarians will begin to vote, determine if the current Prime Minister Viktor Orban will extend his 12 years earning another term.

After the elective activities led by the Ukrainian war, the public opinion survey opened on Sunday.

The competition is the closest part of the parties for many years, and picking up a single candidate, Peter Marc Zeer, the common goal is to bring the land and party Fidesz.

A 49-year-old marketing expert and the Mayor of the city of Hungomovisus, Marki-Zay, a surprise option, highlighting the preliminary elections. An independent conservative politician, he is a father who practices Catholic and seven children.

Has been using advertising fences on the street, most of the media, national television and transmissions strive for their competition in the control of the prime minister on the right, and the prime minister on the right is accused of dividing the Country, going to autocracy and too close to Russia.

Instead of protecting the country [Orban ] has been attacking 12 years, Marki-Zay told Al Jazera. She has been throwing a marki-zay war in the marki-zay war in the Marki-Zay war, launching War Marki-Zay.

She added that she has been serving [Russian President Vladimir ] pros interests.

Hungarian opposition prime ministerial candidate Peter Marki-Zay speaks at his campaign closing rally in Budapest, Hungary [Bernadett Szabo/Reuters]

He called Democracy Ilniballlal, Orban has already occupied many democratic agencies of Hungary under his control, and portrays in the defender of Christian Christianity, opposing Muslim immigration, progress and LGBTQ.

In his battle with the EU, Hungary is a member. It has taken 27 people as a pressed regime, reminiscent of the Soviet Union in the twentieth century, Hungary occupied Hungary, and in 20 of the centuries he was over 40 years old, and promoted the deduction attempts used the rules of the EU to incorporate its policies.

Although the opposition requires Hungary and the EU and NATO partners in Rockstep, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the long-term supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin, are representing his long-term support, although Hungary may have eliminated the Security of the Hungarians.

This is not our war, we can not get anything, but we can lose everything, he told him to an animated group during the rally. We must avoid it.

After the preliminary impact on the war war, Peace’s remarks seem to work for voters. In a short time, public opinion has a neck of Fidez and opposition and neck alliances, but now the ruling party will become.

The huge power of Orbans’ political machines may distinguish out.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban gives a statement to the media after leaving a polling station during the Hungarian election in Budapest, Hungary [Bernadett Szabo/Reuters]

Election fraud is not discussion, through false living, purchase vote, and manipulate the Hungarian vote from abroad.

European Safety and Cooperation Organization (OSC ) has sent a 200-person full team to monitor elections, member of the European Union is a very unusual movement.

The provisional report of the OSC has shown a serious defect. The report puts forward the concerns of government official functions [mixing with activities, or as the advertising series tools.

According to the OSC, the OSC has a threat to the vocabulary of the voters, which has a threat to close competitive protection groups.

The OSCE has been classified as a free Hungary election in 2014 and 2018, but not just. Even if we win, this choice is not free, and the objection candidate said Marki-Zay.

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