Watch as Tesla drivers are forced to wait hours in massive queue for electric car charging stations

THIS is the moment Tesla drivers had been forced to queue up for hours as they waited for an electric powered car charging station.
Group vice president at ABB Dylan Sumbler posted the clip on LinkedIn showing the big line of 23 automobiles ready to charge their car at the Tebay offerings in Cumbria as human beings once more home from their Christmas break.

Tesla drivers were forced to queue up for hours to use a charging point
Dylan said there were 23 cars waiting to charge up

He used to be stunned by the long line of Teslas and witnessed drivers becoming an increasing number of frustrated as they waited in the stationary queue.
Dylan wrote on the site: “I’ve been an EV driver for the ultimate 4 years and I love it. It’s ideal for local journeys, the college run and shopping.
“I’ve always been envious of Tesla drivers, the crazy mileage vary they can achieve and the choice of Supercharging at Tesla charging stations.
“But returning from a family excursion over the festive vacations up in rural Scotland I was so grateful to have our trusty Land Rover Discovery 4, as a rapid pit end at Tebay Services I was once welcomed by way of this.
“OMG, what a nightmare, some had been waiting for over an hour and not moved at all and the queue used to be getting greater and bigger, eight automobiles charging and 23 waiting…. a LOT of very sad Tesla drivers.
“I replace my EV in May and it makes me seriously reflect onconsideration on if a Tesla Model Y is the right choice for me. Maybe Elon [Musk] has provided free charging as a Xmas present?”
The footage comes as professionals name for extra funding in EV infrastructure.
EV experts said the video highlights the increasing recognition of electric vehicles however also shows extra investment wants to be made in infrastructure to ensure it keeps up with demand.
They warned that the problem should end up even worse earlier than it receives better due to the growing recognition of EVs and Teslas in particular.
A spokesman for said: “Electric vehicles boomed in recognition throughout 2022 and that style appears set to continue this year.
“But the video illustrates that more investment is required in the charging infrastructure, particularly on our motorway network.
“A lot of people are on the roads over the festive length and it seems this motorist arrived at the charging station at a length of height demand.
“More charging stations and extra capability is planned and the trouble ought to eventually ease but in the quick time period it ought to turn out to be even more irritating for EV drivers.
“We advise carefully planning routes when taking an EV on a longer journey and drivers need to make sure they are conscious of multiple charging selections so if they do discover a scenario such as this they can head for an alternative option.”
EV drivers have also referred to as for a new code of conduct around the use of public charging factors in order to cease drivers from bickering.
Drivers have said a couple of incidents of irate motorists arguing over whose turn it is to use a charging point.
Some are even unplugging other electric vehicles so they can use the charger themselves.

Dylan said he had been envious of Tesla drivers but wasn’t so sure now

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