What is Orthodox Christmas and why is it celebrated on January 7?

Merry Christmas… again!
If you’ve just taken down your decorations for Twelfth Night and have been surely looking ahead to getting back to some normalcy, we’re sorry to say Christmas is back. Sort of.
Some international places will be observing Orthodox Christmas today, January 7.
Find out what it all capability and why it’s celebrated here…

What is Orthodox Christmas and why is it celebrated on January 7?

Many Orthodox Christians each year have a good time Christmas Day on or close to January 7 to take into account Jesus Christ’s birth, described in the Christian Bible.
The discrepancy in dates is all to do with which calendar nations spherical the world follow.
In Great Britain, we comply with the new Gregorian calendar alternatively some nations nevertheless observe the historical Julian calendar, created by using Julius Caesar in 35AD, for non secular festivals.

The Gregorian calendar changed the Julian calendar after Pope Gregory of Rome developed it in 1582.
The Julian calendar miscalculated the length of a solar year, creating an 11-minute discrepancy each year, which developed up over time and introduced about it to fall out of sync.
However, whilst the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar many nations retained the historic Julian calendar dates to mark nice spiritual gala’s consisting of Christmas.

Which nations have enjoyable Orthodox Christmas?

There are sixteen global areas round the world that mark Christmas Day in January.
Many of these are in the Soviet bloc, the Middle East and factors of Europe.

They include:

  • Russia
  • Ethiopia
  • Greece
  • Serbia
  • Eritrea
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria.

How is Orthodox Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is now not solely celebrated on a different day in these global locations however it is additionally celebrated in one-of-a-kind ways.
In Serbia the day is spent looking for an oak department to be burned at some factor of Christmas dinner. Meanwhile in Belarus human beings consume pancakes and fish on a table of straw and in Montenegro a loaf of bread with a coin inside is broken in the route of dinner with the character receiving the coin gaining amazing luck.

Those in Russia eat 12 courses – along with beetroot soup, fish and stuffed cabbage – on Christmas Eve to pay tribute to the 12 apostles while in Kazakhstan there is a middle of the night liturgy at the cathedral in Almaty.
People in Macedonia chop an oak log into three portions on Christmas Eve to signify the Holy Trinity and in Ethiopia guys play a sport called ganna with a curved stick and trees ball and consume a spicy meat stew recognized as ‘wat’.
A goat is commonly slaughtered and eaten in Eritrea while christians in Egypt feast on meat, eggs and butter on Christmas Eve after a lengthy fast until now from November 25. A pig is slaughtered as a Christmas meal in Romania.
And in Greece a sprig of basil is wrapped round a bypass an positioned in water whilst different countries have a good time Christmas in a comparable way to Britain with a Christmas tree and blessings.

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