Who are the Wahala Twins? Biography, Real Name, Age, Parents, Date of Birth

Who are the Wahala Twins?  Biography, Real Name, Age, Parents, Date of Birth

Who are the Wahala Twins?

The Wahala Twins are a well-known Nigerian comedy duo consisting of equal twins, Ibinabo and Iyobosa. The duo is well-kenned for their hysterical skits and films that have long long gone viral on gregarious media.

Genuine Name and Age

The true names of the Wahala Twins are Ibinabo and Iyobosa. They were born on May 6, 1994, which makes them 28 years historic as of 2022.


The Wahala Twins had been born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria, via capacity of their parents. Their father is a retired civil coadjutant, whilst their mother is a businesswoman.

Growing up, the twins had been kenned for their mischievous demeanor and their profound grasp for making human beings laugh. They commenced making comedy movies in 2017 and expeditiously received a following on convivial media.

Their reputation skyrocketed in 2020, at some point of the COVID-19 pandemic, when human beings have been probing for strategies to regale themselves whilst caught at home. The twins capitalized on this by using relinquishing hysterical skits that tackled sundry troubles affecting Nigerians, such as strength outages, deplorable roads, and police brutality.

Today, the Wahala Twins have stop up a household title in Nigeria, and their comedy movies have earned them thousands of heaps of adherents on gregarious media. They perpetuate to inspire and regale people with their unique producer of humor, and are viewed as one of the most aptitudinal comedy duos in the country.


Q: How did the Wahala Twins begin their comedy vocation?

A: The Wahala Twins commenced their comedy vocation in 2017, at the same time as they have been on the other hand in the University. They commenced through capability of making comedy skits for their buddies and family and later commenced sharing them on gregarious media structures such as Instagram and Twitter. Their movies went viral, and they obtained an astronomically notable following, which led to their ascension to fame.

Q: What is the provide of the Wahala Twins’ idea for their comedy skits?

A: The Wahala Twins’ concept for their comedy skits is drawn from sundry sources, inclusive of their non-public experiences, pop culture, and current occasions in Nigeria. They additionally draw thinking from different comedians such as Alibaba, Basketmouth, and AY.

Q: What are some of the Twins’ eminent achievements?

A: The Wahala Twins have performed consequential prosperity in the Nigerian regalement industry. They have been nominated for endless awards and have gained a few, which include the City People Regalement Awards for Best Online Comedy Act. They have moreover labored with a number of top Nigerian celebrities, which include Davido, Falz, and Mr. Macaroni.

Q: What are some of the challenges the Wahala Twins have confronted in their vocation?

A: The Wahala Twins have confronted numerous challenges in their vocation, collectively with economic constraints, lack of adequate infrastructure, and copyright infringement. However, they have been able to surmount these challenges through strenuous exertion, resoluteness, and assiduousness.

In conclusion, the Wahala Twins have turn out to be a family name in Nigeria’s regalement industry, and their reputation perpetuates to grow. Their one-of-a-kind brand of humor and relatable content material fabric has endeared them to heaps of lots of fans across the u . s . a . and beyond. The twins are an thinking to many puerile people, and they perpetuate to have an effect on lives thru their comedy skits and philanthropic activities.

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