Who is Pastor John Anosike? Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Wife

Who is Pastor John Anosike?  Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Wife

Pastor John Anosike Biography

Pastor Jonah O. Anosike was once a man of God who possessed the gift of prophecy, was once a prayer warrior, and was a famend deliverance Minister with an top notch unction for rejuvenating. He used to be denominated after the Region that supervises the entire Christ Apostolic Church in Europe, and the Region was detailed after him. In additament to that, he was a fantastic holiness preacher.

He was born at Ibeku, which is positioned in Umuahia Ndume, which is now a factor of Abia State. According to the criteria of his era, he was once considered to have a excessive caliber of edification because he had consummated Standard Three of his edification. He was an accomplished polyglot considering he was once knowledgeable in four of the most regular languages. He used to be fluent in Igbo, which used to be his native language, as well as Yoruba, Hausa, and English.

In 1946, he joined the Christ Apostolic Church as a member of the congregation. In 1959, he acquired the variety a hundred and fifteen as the ordination registration for the role of Pastor. He had been residing in the North for a excellent number of years when he used to be espoused to an Igbo girl who had been disbursed by means of a Prophetess who was moreover a midwife. His sweetheart’s mother was once withal a Prophetess, and she lived in the Northern vicinity at the time. The sweetheart’s mother had a vision one day in 1956 in which she was once injuctively licensed to go and plant CAC in the land that she was once pristinely from, the Igbo. She peregrinate to Owerri after leaving the North.

They decided to pergrinate to Owerri collectively due to the fact Pastor Anosike had espoused the family’s sole daughter. At Owerri, they installed the very first CAC colony assembly. After leaving the pristine site, they relocated to Wetheral Road. They hooked up an immensely huge wide variety of supplemental CAC communities in Owerri.

When some time had passed, Pastor Anosike became the bellwether of the kineticism inner the church that authoritatively mandated the establishment of Owerri as a district administrative division. In the cessation, Owerri wound up being targeted as Section 1.

The function of District Superintendent has been ascended to Pastor Anosike. After working as a District Superintendent for a length of time at CAC Wetheral road, he was ineluctably promoted and sent to Enugu. Now, the Wetheral Road Church comprises as a headquarters for the DCC.

He acquired even some other promotion and is now the Associate General Superintendent. Moreover, he relocated to Enugu to take the function of Chairman of Section E. He was prodigiously devoted to the officials of the church in Ibadan, and he was once one of these who stayed constant when a concrete Pastor Godwin broke away from CAC and took the Church branches to engender Christ Ascention Church. He used to be a devoted adherent of the church in Ibadan.

On October of 1992, Pastor John Anosike entered retirement, but he perpetuated his ministry till the day he surpassed away in 2004.

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