Who said 64 hospitals in Ukraine were destroyed since Russia invasion of ukraine.

United Nations agencies condemned stronger and assisted attacks by health facilities in violation of international law.

World Health Organization (WHO) said that since Russia began to invading invasion a month ago, it has verified about 64 attacks on Ukraine medical facilities.

The confirmation attack is done between February 24th to March 21, two years and three speeds, kill at least 15 people, he said in a statement.

The attack on medical care is a violation of international humanitarian law, but a tactic of disturbing war, destroy the key infrastructure, but worse, destroy hope, the representative of Ukraine Ph.D. HAPHI DR. Special Doctor They deprived the fragile nursing, often the difference between life and death.

Medical care is never, never goals. Ukraine accuses Russian bombers and sanitation, including homogeneous children and hospitals of pregnant women, in the absence of a war crime at any reason.

According to the United Nations, almost four million people were forced to escape from the country, Ukraine faces Russian progress. Including the city, including Kharkov, kyiv and Marrick, who is forced to enter into the underground shelter due to the safety of people.

On Wednesday, the United States said that Russia made a war crime in Ukraine, challenged Mariupol and bombarding against obstetrics. Our evaluation is based on the information available from a careful review of public sources and intelligence.

As with any suspicious crime, the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, said any crime against crime is the court of criminal jurisdiction, is finally responsible for determining criminal offenses in specific cases. Russia denies it delivered deliberately to civilians.

The surrounding war also forced Ukraine to resume the hospital as injured and disturbed basic medical services to another population. Almost 1,000 health facilities are close to the front line or area of occupation, which he pointed out.

Declaration said that this limited company or the consequences of drugs, facilities and health professionals means that chronic disease conditions have almost stopped.

COVID-19 vaccination and conventional immunity have also stopped. The vaccine was inoculated with COVID-19 per day before invading. Who said between February 24th to March 15th, only 175,000 vaccination vaccination viruses.

The United Nations agency stated that it works closely with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to solve the problems caused by the war and issued more than 100 metric tons of medical equipment to sanitation facilities across the country.

About 36 tons of metric products, including traumatic kits, chronic diseases and pediatric drugs are currently going to the Western LVIV, and have additional metro, hoping to be sent.

We work on the clock in the unimaginable situation, we have provided what is in the field to achieve the needs of people on the ground.

The training of medical professionals can save 150 people injured with the trauma kit that contains surgical, consumable and preservative equipment. In other words, 10 a kit of this type is delivered means saving 1,500 people, Dr. Hahart.

Who said he also issued a sufficient emergency medical supply to treat 150 traumas and 15,000 patients with medical care, which is part of the United Nations guards in northeastern Ukraine this month.

He also deployed more than 20 emergency medical teams to Ukraine and assisted from Poland and the Republic of Moldova.

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