World Cup: CISSE is in the center of Cisse, as a 2022 point in Segal, Senegal

   The former captain took Senegal to AFCON last month. Now, the team must beat Egypt again to obtain the grades of the World Cup.

   For Aliou Cisse, the Senegalers is first the Uplearlier of African countries (AFCON ) Tatearlier, only a brief breath.

    For seven years, people over 45 years of age have been almost suffocating, and are tasks every time, and the national team is the team of the 2002 team in 2002.

   Finally, I won the third time in Cameroon last month, I defeated Egypt at the Afcon Final, and the Hoz of Senegal soccer football ran absolutely.

   However, your work guarantee is not. Details must be met in your contract: a place in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Therefore, in two months of a second, the former PSG players and Portsmouth have a final preparation.

   Once again, it’s Egypt standing on the road, this time on two legs. We are faced with two contestants for Seine, Cisse is very important for the competition of Egypt. We have just been punished in the finals of AFCON, even very difficult.

   Egypt, with the aim of reaching the fourth World Cup, will celebrate a leg at the first stage of Cairo on March 25, after four days after Dakar’s return.

   When Senegal was appointed CISSE in March 2015, the country’s football was a slight reflow. According to the previous trainer, Alan is given, Senegal did not exceed the group phase in the year AFCON.

    It is the three World Cups in the 2002 Championship team, although there is hopeful talent crops through the youth system, Sennegal needs quality in key positions.

    With its tranquil leadership, he has been tranquilly leadership through children under the 23rd of the 2012 Olympic Games in 2012.

Although ambitious, rebuilding is the key to earning souls and ideas. When I set up his coach in 2015, I told them that our goal is to enter the World Cup and African Final African Cup, tell CAF online.

   Now, with Sadio Mane, Idrissa Gueye, Saliou Cissa Gueye, Saliou Cissa Gueye, Saliou Cissa Kouyate, as well as the talents of the overseas Chinese, add to the mixed in Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy, Boulaye Dia and Abdou Diallo, Senegal has a talented swimming pool selection and in FIFA Selection in the world classification.

    But with the improvement and ambition pressure. CISSE can become a victim of his own success, as a manager.

The skilled history of the team in African football has been well registered. However, when arriving at Afcon’s finals and the World Cup in 2002, the proud soccer mixes with the heavyweight of Africa and world football.

It is frustrated in the last 20 years that they can not build there, and have made their team more talented because they can only expand these frustrations.

The heads at Cisses Critics have always been their previous international teammates. When Senegal did not advance in the group phase of the 2018 World Cup, the Hadji Diouf was a vocal when he did not agree.

He said that if Aliou Cise stayed in command of the national team, he can not be victorious. Another international Amdy Faye, questioned the psychology of the team. We do not win the mentality.

We have 50% in the final stage, but you have to go to the cup, you have always needed all the way, he told him to France 24. That is the problem. To this end, we must force destiny, so we emphasize this generation.

He arrived at the Afcon final of 2019, from which the Lion Terang was hit by Algeria, and even did not change the tendency of negative criticism. This caused dissatisfaction with the style of drama, regardless of the results, will be transferred.

Cisse is known by the calm personality of him and accepting pressure as part of football. But even if he thinks it needs to be copied. When it is constructive, I accept criticism.

First, they must accept that I am a national coach and make a decision. He said, there is no problem, we can discuss it. I talk to some people in them and have their own vision, but I am a coach.

Especially they don’t even have coaches, so they should make me work. The large index of the pressure that must live in the amount of stress is Senegalfa (FSF ) President Augustin Senghor’s Declaration, on the eve of the Afcon final.

For all doubts about all CISSE, Huner is an important voice, opposing the corners of the national team, but still build ambitious goals.

He is suffered from the response to Dioufs criticism, despite the disappointing AFCON World Cup and 2017, it is still very happy to update the front captain contract.

In doing so, he pointed to strive to work in a clear level of Senegal, and describe it as one of the world’s best coach.

At this year, I entered Cameroon’s Afcon, even breathing appeared to break the role. As Senegal considered in African football, we can’t continue to participate in and got the second name, telling Al Jazera.

Senegal must win, coach understand the goals and goals. Even in the final Leones retain their position, Floris expressed anything, but the victory will be deemed to fail because of Egypt.

Cameroon’s victory has seen many people to reduce their criticism to CISSE. His behavior is now considered virtues. He is a brother of his player, never taken, the former teammate Salifen said.

The country’s President Macky Sall, praised him through his quiet resistance and uncondensation. Even DIOUF is also softened. Perhaps he cited the willingness to extend mediation, which made him play an important role as a ambassador’s national team.

As a player, he said less, he told African African players twice in Jazera. It is so different that it can only speak when it is very important. Along with the success of accompanying, the late recognition is based on the home and teamwork.

Cisse describes his relationship with a player similar to the father and son, as well as Chelsea, Edouard Mendy, teamwork goalkeeper, and team efforts to make Senegal especially under his guidance.

When Senegal raised the Afcon trophy earlier, the Mailer team, the team’s decisive fines were committed to the victory of the coach.

This trophy is the result of the manager and his team, and win him for us, for him, our people and the country have won it. This new love will promptly prove Egypt.

Cisse greatly maintains the team of Cameroon victory, tends to tension and unpredictable encounter continuity.

For this second final final, Senegal’s bet is higher: one place in the World Cup is also a long-term Cisses project continuation.

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