Zelensky says Russia is suffering from a slower impression.

The President of Ukraine warns that the Russian army leaves this mine in Kyiv, including home and body.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of difficult battles ahead as Russia redeploys troops [File: AP Photo]

Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine President Ukraine was able to see the harvest of the Russian army in the northern part of the country.

Zelensky said the situation was very difficult in East.

We are kindly progressing, he said at the recent video address on Saturday.

Russia will continue to continue the basic forces to areas around Kyiv after this week and reduce military operations near Ukraine and North Chernieff.

In the suburbs of kyiv, the Russian army has been withdrawn, the damaged cars ran to Irpin’s Street, this is a suburban area, now in the ruins of young families.

The emergency worker moved the old man on the stretcher on the silent bridge.

But Zenminasa noticed that the people of her withdrew the power of Russia out of the capital, because they left mines throughout the territory, even around the family and the bodies.

They are excavating the entire territory. They are in the mine, mining equipment, even if they are killed, Zelenskyy gave the country in the night video direction of him. There are many walks, many other dangers.

The Ukrainian army said that I try to try 29 settlements in the kyiv and Cherni Core area.

Despite this, Ukraine and its allies still warned that, as Kremlin, the Kremlin was not updated to promote confidence in the negotiating table, but again adjusted and transferred to their troops east.

These actions seem to be prepared to improve attacks in most dowbas Russas regions in the eastern part, including Marium.

Due to Russian redistribution forces, Zelenskyy warned the difficult battle.

He said we are preparing for more dynamic defensive defensions.

He said that the situation is extremely difficult, Russia collects his strength, preparing for new powerful boasts.

He added that Ukraine is preparing to be active defense. I emphasized again, the hard battle method. We can’t think we have passed all tests.

Deepening humanitarian crisis His statement has also appeared, and the humanitarian crisis around the city surrounded by Marium deepened, Russian power stops evacuation actions on the second day.

Mariupol, South-South City destroyed and have seen some of the most serious wars.

His captive will be the Important Award of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will provide an uninterrupted ground bridge to Crimea, seized Ukraine in 2014.

It is believed that there is approximately 100,000 people to stay in the city, and the number of war is 430,000.

Russian bombings and street struggles have caused water, food, fuel and drugs. A spokesman for the Red Cross Bay Watersen said we used the adjective to describe the horror of Mariupol’s residents.

He said that more than 3,000 people can leave Marium on Friday. He said that he discussed humanitarian disasters with French President Emmanuel Macron and visited KYIV, with the European Parliament Chairman Robertta Messola.

Europe has no right to say in Zelelessky, keeping silence when our Mariupol occurs. The whole world must respond to this humanitarian disaster.

Zelenskyy does not have anything about the last round of dialogue, and on Friday happened.

In a round of talks this week, Ukraine expressed its willingness to stay in Jono, and will announce their main needs of neutral flies to exchange security from other countries.

Intrusion has driven more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees.

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